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do you know who is referred to as the morning star in the bible?

From my understanding Lucifer is the 'Morning Star', thus the Devil is the one being referenced. I'm not a devil worshipper though, I chose the name ironically as I am a pagan (Omnist, but pagan is close enough) that wears a pentagram necklace and have been accused of being a Satanist by some Christians.

What is an omnist?

There are many types of Omnism, my particular variety is pagan-esque.
I am a polytheist that believes that almost all the religions across the world have some level of truth to them but that the religions are man-made and biased based on their interactions with the divine, leading to religions seemingly contradicting (I also think some gods are not honest which also can paint contradictory pictures).
I believe that the Norse gods, Shinto Kami, Mayan gods, and even gods of monotheistic religions like Yahweh do exist in some form but that the religions built around them tend to be filled with bias and misunderstandings.