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Freemasons or Knights Templar?

Freemasons. I don't know what Knights Templar is.

Freemasons or Illuminati?


I think I am the only one who notices the Pro conceded he could not prove Pele was the goat. I liked your semantics arguments, but my question. Why did you argue that when the description was clear?

Well, first, it is my bad since I forgot to check the description and thought my opponent failed to define "Goat". Then I just cram whatever force into the last resort that I could have. My bad. I guess losing this debate could teach me a little lesson.

Any definitions for the Kardashev scale debate?

the human race; human beings collectively.

As a student what are you studying?


Favorite type of music?
It's in the link.

Why is your profile picture green?

Because it is the color of the PRO side of any debate. I want to give out a feeling, that when I am pro, people would feel that I both exist and don't exist. When I am pro, my profile picture would sort of disappear.

Can you please define what meat is in your debate?


No but my dm only works on my phone and I am need a question medal

That is not a question. Please, ask some authentic questions.

Bump is just a shorthand for “bumping this debate to the top of the queue”. It means, I don’t have anything to add I just want to increase visibility - looking for votes or looking for a challenger on some aging debate Sorry to reply by question

That is not a question.