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whats Antarctica like at this time of yr?

great, simply amazing.

Did you watch Frozen 2


hello there, how are you?

Great, it's the beginning of thanksgiving break and for me, and that means i can go to thanksgiving parties and when i'm at home eat as much as i want and play video games and board games with my family all day. Absolute heaven. Also, concerning your last question about if I'm a conservatist or not i did some more research then reading the abstract of the wikipedia article and found that i'm pretty conservative way more than any other political ideology.

What is the best type of Christian?

Dunno, probably a protestant? I don't really know many Christians who aren't protestants.

How do you view other atheists?

Most atheists are fine but its the science lovers that want to prove religion is false that I have a problem with. Like sure, go do your science but why do you have to disprove other people's religion? Religion is a great thing and can make people better and help them get through tough times so I don't really see a reason to take that all away.

What kind of stuff do you like to debate the most?

Dunno probably policies and laws

What are your 3 favorite countries? Not necessarily implying you'd like to live there.

United States of America cause that's where I live right now and I like it, China cause it's a pretty powerful country and I know chinese, probably my prime immigration choice if I had to leave murica, and France cause the scenery, food, and everything is pretty good even though I take spanish in school. A close 4th would be Britain cause they also speak english and have some nice colleges and views.

What is triggering to you?

1. Anti-Vaxxers, I don't really care if the anti-vaxxers are stupid, but the fact that they try to get other people and their children anit-vax is triggering. They're completely based on fake facts and are bringing back century-old diseases.
2. Condescending teachers, this one is pretty specific but I hate condescending people in general (Condescending being when people think they know better than you when they really don't). I hate condescending teachers specifically cause you can't really argue with them when they falsely accuse you of something because they "have eyes in the backs of their heads" because you'll get in even trouble.

And that's basically it, I don't get triggered by much else, and like to think I'm a relatively chill person.

What's your favorite supervillain?

That's a hard one probably zoom from the flash cause he isn't super complicated with a bunch of confusing time travel stuff and has some nice plot twists with him.

What is your favorite superhero?

The Flash