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Do some of the illuminati want to help/save humanity with how they guide them?

Is that what your trying to do?Well if there a double agent. I don't think there Illuminati.Do we call Russian spy that have infiltrated America Americans.I think the same would apply here.

Do you think that the Illuminati may include Christians as members?

The short answer is no.Long answer: I believe that you can be ignorant and join it not knowing what they do.But that might be freemasonry. i don't think you can be that ignorant if you climb your way up into different cults like the Illuminati. There are many stories of Jesus. I don't remember if this was in the bible or not.But The stories goes this lady has some kind of disease and is dieing.So she goes and prays about it.After a couple days of praying.Jesus appears to her in a dream and tells her.The reason why you have so and so disease.Is because your grandpa was part of the occult.So her grandpa was part of an Illuminati part group and she got a deadly sickness like cancer from it.I forget the rest of it.but I believe this is true.i usually do not admit this. But i think I have had problems myself because of this. most of my problem comes because i was loaded on pharmaceuticals because of my adopted parents.They almost killed my brother. Another example would be my English teacher.She always talks about how her dad was a mason. One of her child is retarded.I believe the two are connected.This sorta ties into the god moral system effect you biologically.Giving to other can help with many diseases and stuff.Doing bad can cause many diseases..Here is an article about how sin makes you physically sick. do not know how i feel about how god moral system effects us biologically.But i believe it to be true. Doing bad can harden your heart and you do not feel anything.Anyway i believe a curse is put on people and there children who are part of the occult. So i do not think it is ok. I also think it is proof that we have a soul.A man lifted a 3000 pound car off a small child.Strength like this is super unnatural.The strongest man in the world can only life 1003 pounds.He became that strong through the power of love.It is great proof for a soul

here is 7 curses god puts on people and 7 blessing.

Can we arrange a debate with each other?


i assuming you want to debate me on god so i created this.