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Top 5 anime?

(havent watched too much anime cause my interest in it died out a few months ago but regardless)

1. Death Note

2. dr.stone

3. psycho pass

4. fullmetal alchemist

5. 7 deadly sins

Why did you choose the profile name, drlebronski, what's the story there?

long story short a few years ago I made some universe where there was an intergalactic war every minute drlebronski was the creator of all the planets kind of like the Christian god in a way.

Are there any channels, people, or subjects on YouTube, you've enjoyed in the past or present, if so why?

I really like Vaush who is on both youtube and twitch mainly because he introduced me to leftist perspectives.
Otherwise, i would say Hbomber guy i like him because of his measured response series where he debunks wild claims like "man didnt cause climate change" or "the nazis didn't kill 6million people"

Since you did your first debate on white privilige essentially and picked Pro, are you black by any chance?

No, I'm basically as white as aghost

Required reading in school, have there been any books or stories that stand out in your memory, if so, why?

Watership down was a really good book i had to read