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Do you have any artistic hobbies or activities, if so what about it appeals to you, how did you get into said art?

I draw, paint, sculpt, make dolls and collages. I only have talent at sculpting, but I rarely do it I prefer to paint, which I am really bad at. I just bought a large set of colored pencils, Ive been playing around with those lately. I really like making dolls of different types, mostly with sculpted face hands and feet with cloth bodies. I am building up a collection of materials so I can start doing that again. I don't remember when I started, I suppose I was a young child.

The appeal I guess is it just makes me feel good when I am making something, especially if I can manage to create something beautiful.

Required reading in school, have there been any books that stand out in your memory, if so, why?

It stands out in my memory that it was strange, but I don't remember much of the book. Martian Chronicles. It was before my science fiction phase.

Are there any YouTube channels you've particularly enjoyed in the past or present, If so why?

Jonlevi- interesting videos on Tararia etc

majorslack- skyrim

sssniperwolf - fun

sacred geometry decoded - numerology in the heavens, measuring systems etc

megalithomania sacred sites

mary leeds - numerology

Those are just the ones off the top of my head, there are lots more