Best online debating platform is the best online debating platform created with a single purpose to give anyone a chance to test themselves in debates and improve argumentation and eloquence skills.

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Community driven

Thanks to being completely independent, we are in no way limited in our decisions regarding our goals and the ways to achieve them and as a result, community plays a decisive role in the project's development.

Moderated and responsive

In order to meet the highest standards of content quality, a team of community approved moderators work days and nights to make sure that intellectual intercourses stay intellectual.

Actively developed

We embrace the fact that the world is moving fast and in order to remain relevant and attractive for the people, we constantly work on adding new and improving existing features.


The biggest feature that we offer is an amazing community of smart and interesting people, but that's not all...


One-on-one debates with a large diversity of settings that provide ultimate flexibility

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A classic forum with all familiar features for those who prefer discussions without formats

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Informative leaderboards for raising competitive spirit and inflating egos, but mostly the latter

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Private messaging

Simple messaging system for private communication between users

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Question mark

Powerful medal rewarding system for those aiming to be exceptional

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The ability to add friends and always stay up to date with their achievements and activities

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