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813 22,990 I will like to congratulate ethang5 on both his return to DA and way he calls others out.

Topics related to community generated art, music and writings

45 698 Rest In Peace Juice WRLD </3

Topics related to news and various micro events of the day

10 304 Bad Ass Boris Tests Positive

Topics related to economics and finance

30 1,337 China owes the world a monetary penalty for allowing expansion of Covid-19

Topics related to education and upbringing

15 581 Was Brown vs Board of Education a mistake?

Topics related to all kinds of forum games, including everyone's favorite Mafia

271 32,039 Memes of the 2010's Mafia - Endgame

Topics related to video and board games

57 979 Quarantined Gaming Feats

Topics related to anything not included in the other categories

159 7,221 Feds Not Welcome, But Fed Money Is?

Topics related to famous people and their lives

79 2,449 The twitch streamer Destiny/Steven Bonnel

Topics related to any personal issues

182 2,154 You Know Who I am No Intro is Needed AMA

Topics related to philosophy

150 12,218 The Problems With Moral Relativism

Topics related to politics and government

755 27,601 Biden to pick his VP by gender

Topics related to church and religion

759 40,557 What would happen if the earth stopped rotating?

Topics related to science and nature

140 3,988 Why compare covid-19 to flu?

Topics related to TV, movies and music

125 2,003 Good music

Topics related to society

81 1,953 TikTok Fame & Virality

Topics related to sport and its representatives

116 1,014 Anyone skate?

Topics related to different technologies

36 1,467 What is the best iphone model?

Administrative and other topics that have lost their relevance

52 3,298 Important Moderation Updates