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765 21,895 Lunatic! I'm calling you out! The fate of humanity is in your hands

Topics related to art and culture

27 773 Rest In Peace Juice WRLD </3

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15 265 Modern art is a total scam

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10 145 Post pictures of your dream car here

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21 1,125 The Emperors New UBI?

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13 510 Students should have an annual vote on which teacher to fire

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47 771 Beat Saber is the greatest video game of all time

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32 685 I am pretty sure my theory on how genius's are made is correct

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26 421 The Deep Ocean/Sea

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71 2,199 Hottest person alive

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162 1,768 TOP 5 Celebration Trent0405 AMA

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134 11,483 Is morality objective or subjective?

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632 22,975 Open Borders

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592 34,063 Owners / Operators. Running a business like your church.

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75 2,674 Silly TV Show Thought Experiment

Topics related to TV, movies and music

105 1,390 What Makes A Movie Great?

Topics related to society

60 1,360 where there is an evil will, there's a way

Topics related to sport and its representatives

90 732 Week 16 Environmental Wacko Predictions

Topics related to different technologies

32 1,409 Is nanotechnology useful in the medical field?

Administrative and other topics that have lost their relevance

48 3,054 Final Moderation Update