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This debate will last for 4 rounds, with 3 days to post each round. There will be 10,000 characters available to each debate for each round. Voting will last for 2 weeks. I am taking the Pro position.


Some form of polygamy should be legal.


Polygamy: the practice of having two or more legal spouses simultaneously
Should: expresses desirability, expediency, prudentiality, and/or advisability


1. No forfeits
2. Citations must be provided in the text of the debate
3. No new arguments in the final speeches
4. Observe good sportsmanship and maintain a civil and decorous atmosphere
5. No trolling
6. No "kritiks" of the topic (challenging assumptions in the resolution)
7. For all undefined resolutional terms, individuals should use commonplace understandings that fit within the logical context of the resolution and this debate
8. The BOP is evenly shared
9. Rebuttals of new points raised in an adversary's immediately preceding speech may be permissible at the judges' discretion even in the final round (debaters may debate their appropriateness)
10. Violation of any of these rules, or of any of the description's set-up, merits a loss


R1. Pro's Case; Con's Case
R2. Pro generic Rebuttal; Con generic Rebuttal
R3. Pro generic Rebuttal; Con generic Rebuttal
R4. Pro generic Rebuttal and Summary; Con generic Rebuttal and Summary

Having warts on your genitals is also a conditional state. So I guess it isn't an STD, and I see no reason we have to reproduce.

We need to reproduce sometimes in order to keep the human race alive. Also, pregnancy is not a disease, it is a conditional state.


Perhaps we should all be celibate, because sec increases your chance of STDs. Particularly the STD known as pregnancy.

Polygamous relationships are more likely to spread STDs.

I think with more time I could have made that more concise and advocated for more lesbianism, but my time is at a premium

Excess women is a problem? Do you have something against homosexual relationships? I find it odd you are forcing me to argue in favor of increasing the level of homosexuality in society.


"People like my opponent and I disagree on topics such as polygamy, the subject of this debate."

I'm playing devil's advocate here. I'm about as libertarian as you can get. rightwing libertarian borderlining on paleo conservative. I like the subject material though which is more important to me than what my actual position is, when I take a debate.

Okay, I've worked myself up to it, ready to start reading your stuff and then writing and research.

yeah yeah, getting to it. Just have to overcome some anxiety issues. I'll star researching and writing this soon


You have like 15 hours left to post.

Bsh1, please argue immediately or wait the full 72 hours if convenient. Otherwise my ability to give you my best will be even more diminished than what it is


Because he'd lose due to rule 6 as polyamory is a Kritik'd take on Polygamy, nice try to trap the guy though.


I am not *that* scary. I'm really quite nice. Bishy bishy.


If that is your belief, then why not accept the debate?

If someone is truly broadminded enough to enter into a multi-partner relationship, then why would they be bothered with the archaic concept of marriage?


polyamorous one-big-family communist incest society is the optimal society ultimately but is too good to be true. Only then would everyone genuinely give enough of a shit about everyone else.


Polygamy is not necessarily exclusive to 1 male, many females--that would be polygyny. Polyandry, by contrast, is when a woman is married to more than one man. And polyamory does not imply any spousal relationship between the participants. Polygamy is the correct word.

I'm too scared by Bsh (and my schedule) to try .

As a pagan progressive I am 100% Pro on this topic.


You meant polyamory, trust me on this polygamy is gender-specific to one male many females only.

Looks like an interesting topic. I agree with pro. Would be interested in seeing con's response.