Male-female I.Q. variability explained

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    The long purported conception of more males falling outside the mean I.Q. has, for me, finally discovered an answer. If you're not acquainted with this conception, this graph should suffice: ( In short, the conception helps to explain why we have fewer outstanding females with tasks associated with super high I.Qs (e.g. notable inventors, decorated politicians etc.), but also why males tend to exhibit more braindead behaviour (e.g. riding a shopping cart down a hill). The implications of the male-female I.Q. distribution conception are numerous and have yet to be properly elaborated upon here, but not the purpose of this thread.

    Instead, the purpose of this thread is to purport why there is such a difference in distribution. Strauss and Strauss (2009) discovered that it was largely the X chromosome that was accountable for the difference. To be terse, the X chromosome is largely responsible for brain develop (and also has approximately 1,100 genes. The Y chromosome has only about 50). Females are born with two X chromosomes, but due to the overwhelming difference in genes between X and Y chromosomes, nature has evolved to balance this between males and females, and so female bodies will naturally determine most of those X chromosomal genes to be inactivated (at random).

    Hence, whilst males have only one set of X chromosomal genes, females are far more likely to have a set that is nearer the mean, due to exceptional genes having a chance of being inactive.

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    This variation is seen across all animals except insects and arachnid level. In all highly developed animals, males are the smartest and dumbest as well as the most creative vs most unimaginative. This is also simple to explain if we 'skip the gene details' as blatantly the role and purpose of females is to be a thing males compete over. It's why species without sexes like bacterium (or where each creature is hermaphrodite like slugs or almost all trees) thing stagnate. Women love to go 'guuuurl you fine as fuck as you are babe, let's all kiss each other have fun and enjoy life as shit as it is' whereas men either go 'hehe me a boom boom caveman, me wanna just live my life!' OR they go 'fuck this I need to adapt, outdo and change things'. This latter kind of man is because perhaps the current system didn't let his slim-body and high intelligence benefit him. Intelligent women tend to still be sexually submissive at least partially as a switch and tend to enjoy being led by superior intelligent males (even if those males are in reality equal or slightly less intelligent). This urge means females naturally don't output their intelligence or feel any urge to keep it at its peak. 

    Women live life to be desired and to ride the highs and lows, men live life to be admired and ignore the highs and lows to get a steadier 'i gain and keep gaining' momentum in life. Men change the world and have dynasties, women keep the world sane and make sure we don't all kill each other off before we can make a dynasty last. Both are important but there's no denying that females enjoy being the middle-men and the fought-over whereas men either are satisfied with things as are and change nothing, feeling proud and masculine just as they are, or they seek to change the world and exercise their brain to its peak intelligence (or at least try to) as much as they can in that regard.