Should the US invade Africa with the long term goal of making the continent many US states?

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I want to see how popular this idea is.  I had a discussion with someone about it and I couldn't continue the discussion due to lack of time on my part.
Africa hates freedom.
Why does Africa hate freedom?
Americans comprise the most charitable nation in the world

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Ask the African people that tolerate the Warlords. You know George Washington and the founding fathers would rather die than tolerate Warlords.

Africa is..different.

--> @Alec
Also, you can purchase a slave in Mauritania or Libya.

Why? I don't think we should even have territories let alone appropriate a whole continent. 
I don't see how this can be done w/o risking American lives.  So the question then becomes is it worth risking American lives to invade Africa, I would say nay-nay.  Invading is one thing, but keeping and controlling, well that has it's own issues and problems.  Giving arms to other countries and groups hasn't worked out the way they thought, or rarely anyway, so that's probably not a good option either.
What would the U.S. gain if they successfully invaded and took it over?
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But luckily you don't have to buy a slave to eat chocolate, someone does that for you. Wingnuts are just so ignorantly unaware.
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History has shown that you can NOT replace a culture with your own culture at gunpoint without mass genocide followed by reseeding the population.

--> @Polytheist-Witch

Some pros to the US invading the whole continent:

  1. More minerals being mined with American Technology.  This benefits the USA.
  2. The UN should be okay with it.  They wish to eliminate poverty, and an African invasion would help do that.
  3. More human rights on the continent.  This benefits Africans.
  4. Can make Africa part of a 1st world country and could even make Africa 1st world itself.  Similar to #2.  This benefits Africa.
  5. Can make Africa less prone to HIV/AIDS.  This benefits Africa.
  6. It can allow the USA to give Africa a better reputation of the west.  This benefits USA
  7. Can allow Africans to immigrate to the US and vice versa, therefore increasing globalization.  This benefits both, primarily Africans
  8. Less refugees to Europe.  This benefits Europe.
  9. An Actual good use for an increase in military spending.  This benefits USA
  10. Better education opportunities.  This benefits Africans.
  11. More land.  This benefits USA.
  12. Lots of jobs implementing solar panels in the desert and in the SW USA.  This benefits both, primarily Africa.

--> @Alec
Why pay to take over a place with no natural resources? Why get Americans killed? I can only figure you hate native Africans. Seems racists as hell.
--> @TheDredPriateRoberts
The USA gets:

1: More land
2: A chance to make a better reputation.
3: More natural resources, which Africa has a lot of.
4: 1 billion people to assimilate to make Americans.
5: Curbing Chinese influence in the region, which has been developing a lot recently.

A few American soldiers would die obviously.  However, I would rather see 10,000 soldiers die then to allow millions of African children to die from Africa's high infant morality rate, something that would get fixed under American rule.
--> @Polytheist-Witch
"Why pay to take over a place with no natural resources?"  Africa is filled with various natural resources.  

"Why get Americans killed?"  To save more Africans long term because under American rule, Africa gets more human rights and the infant mortality rate would plummet.  Life expectancy in general increases under American rule.

"I can only figure you hate native Africans."  I don't and this policy would help Africa and America out a lot.

"Seems racists as hell."  It has nothing to do with racism whatsoever and more to do with helping out Africa and the US.
--> @Alec
Sure it does, fascist. Sick racists.
--> @Polytheist-Witch
"Sure it does, fascist. Sick racists."  Fascism is one party rule and I am not advocating for one party rule.  The SJWs are the fascists since they want to censor all whom disagree with them.  Your trolling at this point and that is poor conduct.
--> @Alec
Wanting to kill native people is pretty poor conduct but you can't help being white. 
--> @Alec
If we can't assimilate the people we already have in this country, what makes you think we can do it in Africa? Is there something magical about the soil there?
--> @Polytheist-Witch
Wanting to kill native people is pretty poor conduct but you can't help being white. 
Whites are some of the most self-loathing creatures on the face of the planet.
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And some think killing all non whites is cool. Good job. 
--> @Alec
Your quest to "save Africans" is silly.

Millions of people die yearly from Warlords in Africa, yet the African people are fine with it. 

Similarly hundreds of thousands of Americans die from cheeseburgers and automobiles, yet Americans are fine with that.

Life is more than a death statistic.
--> @Polytheist-Witch
The OP doesn't realize the the ONLY way to FORCE cultural assimilation is through genocide.
--> @Polytheist-Witch
I think that an invasion of Africa can save more African lives in the long term then the small amount that died from the invasion.

"If we can't assimilate the people we already have in this country, what makes you think we can do it in Africa?"  Most people in the US as of right now are assimilated.  If we invaded Africa, already due to the British that in Africa, a majority of Africans live in a country where English is the sole or one of the official languages, so assimilation shouldn't be that hard.  Also, there are other ways of forced assimilation other then genocide, such as nation mixing, where.

And only about 30,000 people annually die from car crashes in the US (  Also, car deaths as of right now are inevitable.  If the US invades Africa, there would be relative peace and the death rate would plummet.  Same if we adopted self driving cars, which are inevitable, but that's a tangent.
--> @Alec
are you willing to sacrifice your child, brother, spouse or loved one so that "millions of African children" don't die, how about your own life?  Are you giving all your money, time and effort to help lower the infant mortality rate of African children, you seem perfectly willing to sacrifice  10000 stranger's lives.....