There could in fact be a totally made up religious group.

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    Now I'm with you on this , And with a little common sense its safe to say. Your religious group is THE CORRECT RELIGIOUS GROUP.   FULL STOP.
    No arguments here.  

    So ummmmmmm, there is false / fake / made up religious groups.  
    That's right hey ?  ( There are religious groups that are incorrect. ) 
    Ok ?
    Good moving on.  

    I'd like your thoughts on these people that have been what appears to me, tricked / fooled , hoodwinked if you will.
    These people that have lived their entire life according to ummmmmmmmmmm ,  made up stuff. 
    Made up nonsense that has seriously hindered thier chances of ever getting to know God , AKA your religious group.

    So What do think should happen to em. ?  

    hehehe just kidding ,  STOP STOP STOP .  That was funny hey ?
    See how i said,  " whats (  YOUR OPINION. )  i said what are ( YOUR THOUGHTS. ) 
    Were was i
    As i stated before, I'm with you on this,  your group is the right group. 
    This said im not up to date with how our god sees this . So for thoes whom,  have been lied to , for those whom have been misled and spent their whole life according to this lie.
    For those in a religious group other then yours. 

    A punishment is required.

    I think they should be made to learn the ultimate truth. So ummmmm upon death they are to start two maybe three years of studies. 
    A harsh but fair sentence i think.  
    ( STRIKE AWARDED : Stating / having a opinion of your very own in which a contradiction has occurred ) 

    If you. Could have like a opinion of your very own on this.  
    (  STRIKE AWARDED: stating / having a opinion of your very own in which a contradiction has occurred )  
    What i can't even say that ?
    I'm never getting into heaven rattling off my own opinions
     Johnny said , What about being made to learn the correct way or something ?
    JUST Stop. 
    Stop ok. 

    ' TORTURED '

    For real?

    Rebecca said ,  about 50 lashes ?

    ' TORTURED '.

    Well do you at least think it may be a little harsh ?  Bammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 
    ( hahaha i got you again,  i said what do you think ? ) thats twice 
    I asked you like you had a opinion.  (!bad habits die hard ) 

    ' TORTURED '  

    Ok ok tortured,  
    For how long do ya rekon. 
    50 of the best lashes. 
    30 days,?
    A year ?   

    ' TORTURED FOR  ETERNITY '  Eternity ?
    Eternity ?

    ' ETERNITY ' 

    So what , thats like for ever.?
    They only died a hour ago and You want them to start the be tortured for everrrrrrrrrr program,?


    for being lied to ?

    ' CORRECT ' 

    Far out man. 

    Well When i said i believed your religious group was the correct religious group. ( MY FINGERS WERE CROSSED ) and i said out loud in a clear manner (  Zipperdy bopperdy boom three times ) , thus making it null in void.
    I dont even do the god thing.  

    For those who think people should spend eternity cooking from the inside out for not being in the correct religious group.
    I suggest you pull ya heads in , this ain't no cattle train. 

    Good game. 
    Good game.

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    --> @Deb-8-a-bull
    According to the koran, Jews and Christians (also 'Sabians') should be ok.

    "Indeed, those who have believed [in this Prophet] and those who became Jews and Christians and the Sabians who [truly] believe in God and the Day of Judgment and do good deeds, they shall have their reward with their Lord and they shall neither have fear [for the future] nor any remorse [for the past]". (2:62)