( Every God and Holy book ) V's ( a Google serch )

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Who do you turn to ?

Your Gods are pretty cool ill give you that , but ummmmm , well they ain't know search engine thingy hey?
No , not at all. 
Its now day four of testung into Gods  v  google  and to say its one sided is a understatement. 
So I'm pulling the plug. I also believe that Sharing the results of my testing will not help anyone positively at all  thus i will not be presenting them. sorry.
nor will i in  anyway shape or form be alluding to the overwhelming comprehensive so called " winner " or " Loser(S)   of the gods v the google battles thing i was running.

i am happy to announce the next BATTLE.  

All The Gods and the books  V  6 NEO GEO MAGS and 5 maybe 6 Dolly Docter segments. 
So stay tuned. 

Now you can sit there and call me a fool allllllllllll day long. 
No.  you can.  You can actually do that. 

And yes one of them 6 neo geo's is the one with the topless African women. 

Well its that time again. 
Its time to llike ask a few questions you know,   pretend to be interested in something I've already talked about.
But seriously , i couldn't be.  

 You lot talk about living with gods and  that Jesus thing , and as it just so happens i to like speaking a little nonsense. 
Now as ive been warned before abour stuff  ill simply  end my posts with,  This is what me and my religion believes 

Good Game