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I think I've seen your profile pic before, on edeb8. What was your account name there, if any?
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I was Kohai. I am/was also the moderator on Edeb8.
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How do you feel and think that having Aspergers impacts you?  Do you think there are advantages?  If so, what?  Disadvantages?  If so, what?  If not, why?

Side note: 

I dated a guy in college who had Aspergers, before it was reclassified as being "on the spectrum" by the DSM-5 I think.  We got along incredibly well, too, mostly because we both had similar needs with respect to emotional engagement, among other things.  We also both liked and preferred routines, and functioned best when there were routines... even to the level of "on thursdays we have lunch at [x] (location) before going to [y] location do to (activity)".   He also didn't like to go out very much, except to movies, and this suited me well because I wasn't really "out" at that time. 

He had some quirks (like being a picky eater, and not liking to be in crowded areas), but really none of them ever got in the way of our being able to date.  The only challenge really was when he would hang out with his or my friends, because he never knew what to do with himself in social situations and was always very anxious in them.  With me he was very comfortable, but if one of my friends was over he would often hide if he was also over and pretend to play WOW or DOTA, or read.  

I think he is now getting a PhD in some kind of applied mathematics.  Still odd as he can be, but he was then and still is now a very sweet guy.  
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How do you feel and think that having Aspergers impacts you?  Do you think there are advantages?  If so, what?  Disadvantages?  If so, what?  If not, why?

This is a fantastic question and will take a lot of time to answer. I don't have much time now but ding me tomorrow! I'm in the very early stages of writing a book about it.
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Excellent.  I'll think of a few more.  Take your time.  These are fairly complex questions, except the one about Ben Shapiro, who is as unidimensional and monolithic as he is obnoxious. 

Why democratic socialism, and, more interestingly, why NOT anything else?  I may be misremembering, but I seem to recall that you were not always a democratic socialist, or even politically on the left.  What changed, and why?  Why have you stuck with this?

I've noticed that you've had a lot of debates about whether Jesus is the messiah, here and elsewhere.  Do you feel that validation of your religious beliefs requires the invalidation of Christianity?  If so, why Christianity in particular?  Further, if you believe that Christianity would need to be invalidated in order to validate your own religious beliefs, do you also feel this way about other Abrahamic religions, namely Islam? If you do not believe that Islam or other Abrahamic religions would need to be invalidated, why Christianity in particular? Beyond Abrahamic religions, have you similarly considered and rejected (as you have with Christianity) other world religions? Namely, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism? 

How do you feel about Ben Shapiro?

How do you feel about Noam Chomsky?

How do you feel about the current situation between Israel and Palestine? 

Let's talk the interplay between politics and religion.  Discuss your thoughts on contemporary Israeli politics, the degree to which you think Israel should or should not remain a 'Jewish' state, and what it means for Israel to be a Jewish state.  In particular, compare Netanyahu to Sharon; discuss the settlements, and their ongoing progression; and describe what if any changes you would make to the status quo, if any, and in particular what, if anything, you would do about Jerusalem.  

To what degree is, or ought Israel be accountable to the so called "international community"?  Discuss in particular accountability to Islamic countries, and so called Islamic scholars of "international law" who claim that Israel has, for any number of reasons, violated "international law" and demand that Israel do or cease things they are currently doing as it relates to Palestine. 

How do you feel about the fact that Netanyahu has made a deal with the terrorist state of Saudi Arabia to unite against Iran?  
Here's another:

In your OP, and in your profile pic, and based on my knowledge of you in general, you display five layers of identities: (1) Jewish, (2) Aspie, (3) democratic socialist, (4) potentially goth/emo, and (5) gay.

What role do these identities play in your understanding of yourself, and why?  As you conceive of yourself, are you the sum of your overlapping identities, and, if so, do you agree that the set of them and their intersection indicates the degree of your own individuality?  If so, why?  Further, if the overlapping intersection of those or other identities or groups to which you belong, do you also believe that the individual must therefore be the fundamental social unit (as opposed to the groups, themselves)?  Are identity-based groups social units of relevance? 

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Why do you hold a stupid ideology? Why not give some throught as well as research to belief systems before adopting them? 
--> @Virtuoso
What is it about "aloha" that you choose it as a greeting even though you're not from Hawaii? 
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He probably got it from Bsh, who used to do it as President of DDO.
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It seems so.  I was just wondering what the reason was.