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I have been obsessed with the new Queens of the Stone Age album since it came out. 
I was just listening to fantasia and fugue in G minor, Bach. It's better to start off the day with dramatic music to instill an existential dread that can last me until I get home in the evening.
--> @Smithereens
Do you read existentialcomics?

Lately, vidya music.

--> @Earth
Do you read existentialcomics?

never heard of them. Is it something you think an existentialist would enjoy?
--> @Smithereens
Its something anyone even a little bit interested in philosophy would enjoy.


Wait what there's a music forum?

--> @Smithereens
Are existentialists capable of joy?
For some reason I'm going through an indie phase - not sure why.

Where's bsh1 at? Mah music buddy. 

--> @Wylted
Yes we have the same neurotransmitters as everyone else 
--> @Smithereens
i have never gotten outta my existential crisis phase and currently suffer from anhedonia, perhaps I am the exception though.
--> @Wylted
recently discovered half-alive and they're pretty good

also tøp's new songs are the T E A, she is quaking

Only Love by Jordan Smith (best new song)

Victoria Hanna - The Aleph-bet song

I'm not Muslim, but I will gladly admit that I love to listen to their religious audio. (I wouldn't call Qur'an recitations or du'as "music.")
Alt J. No free link.

Buy it.