Recruiting Mafia players.

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    This time we are going to try something different.
    We are going to try a game called Wolverine. Basically, The background story is that in a distant village in the mountain, There are wolverine who turned in night and runs around killing people. Your goal is to kill them by identifying them and execute them through votes. Beware, Normal citizen can also be killed.

    List of Characters:
    Wolverine: Can kill 1 person each night, The entire group have to agree.
    Citizen: You can vote to kill 1 person per day. Make good choices.
    Hunter: When the hunter is killed, He can shoot another person and kill the other one.
    Witch: He/she have 2 potions. One to save, And one to kill.
    Prophet: Every night you can point out a person and the judge will give you their information/character.
    Chief: The police chief is elected through majority vote. The Chief gets 2 vote instead of 1 and can choose who to start speaking.
    White Wolf King: When the White Wolf King dies, He can bring a person with him.

    Special Feature:
    Suicide: Only used by the wolverines. Immediately cause the next night to happen. However, You are out of the game.

    Current goal: 7 person.
    (We have currently 3 players up from DDO.
    @Adrian14, the game is scheduled tonight at 8:00PM EST)