Christian = VAMPIRE ..turns human into Church ZOMBIE

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Example:  Hello i am Joe....i'm a Christian....Hello Joe i am Mary and i am not Christian...i am a free thinking and living individual...

Oh, Joe says....well how about YOU see the light and come to my Church for a sermon and open your mind and heart to JESUS ?

Uh, no thanks Mary said... i don't want to know Jesus or your Church...i am very content with my life and the people i surround 
myself with...who are all very supportive and considerate friends we're not into the GOD thing !  thanks anyway....

Well then....YOU are GOING yo HELL !   and you will be punished and suffer in LIFE and DEATH for not accepting JESUS
..."you're a born sinner"  and you must be saved !   

UH..WHATEVER ! .....look my LIPS....NO THANKS....i don't want to be turned into some MIND and LIFE sucking
VAMPIRE of your psychotic church !   now go back to your COFFIN or your COVEN of church ZOMBIE bats  slaves !  

Holy Horse Dump !   GO AWAY ! ....

????????....have YOU been approached by Christian VAMPIRES to be assimilated and surrender your MIND and LIFE to some 
" i wanna play GOD..Church parasite " ?    YOUR NOT ALONE !  

Every day millions of innocent HUMANS are exposed and harassed to convert themselves into some kind of Church ZOMBIE slave
in the name of JESUS !   

.......JESUS is long DEAD...if he existed at all is still not verifiable....but that does not matter to the Church VAMPIRES....YOUR 
enslavement matters ....these parasites want to control your mind and life to serve them....DON'T BE FOOLED !

Jesus is part of a Middle East assimilate humanity game....once a region of extraordinary civilizations and wealth of knowledge
it has been reduced to a small group of ELITES who hide behind walls and Government Titles that have subjugated the masses
into slavery and is divided by 3 remaining GODS..

#1 = JEW GOD of MOSES...#2 the JESUS God hoax invented  by ROME...#3 the ALLAH God invented by the Arabs.... WAR NEVER ENDS;;;
among the 3 groups ... Each God has believers that are obsessed with their GOD as being the ONLY TRUE GOD of the UNIVERSE !   

Of the 3 God hoaxes...only the JESUS and ALLAH Gods are used as scapegoats to assimilate and divide the masses into never ending CONFLICT
The Jesus and Allah God VAMPIRES create never ending achieve power and control...

So clever are these VAMPIRE PARASITE PSYCHOPATH leaders that they get their hypnotized zombie slaves to do all the filthy dirty work of
assimilation and oppression for them !

POINT ?   The time is NOW to relegate JESUS and his neighbor ALLAH to Mythology so no more harm can be done in their names....let the humanity can THRIVE without their FEAR-INTIMIDATION-VIOLENCE insanity...