Midterm Primaries

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    Being in WI, I'm paying particularly close attention to the primaries for governor.Ā 

    D- 537,719 votes
    R- 455,966 votes

    Highest votes for Dems is(currently) Tony Evers at 41.8%(224,502)

    Highest for GoP is(currently) Scot WalkeršŸ‘ at 417,619. I like Walkers chances in November. šŸ‘Œ

    Which particular Primaries are y'all paying attention to? What are the results looking like?Ā 

    Are they favorable to your preferred candidate or the opposite? šŸ¤”

    Do you think there are any signifigant takeaways in the primaries thus far into the broader context of midterm elections and the potential changes to house and Senate proportions?Ā