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So, CES 2019 had ended last week at Las Vegas, this year, many enterprises have shown us amazing futuristic technologies. This topic will be a long run overall research and analyzation tab on CES items. I will give out a list here, and if there is any you are interested, feel free to comment below and I will do my best to explain how it works.

1. Bell Nexus
2. Ovis
3. 5G internet/mobile data
4. Impossible Burger
5. 8K LG roll up TV
6. AI (I will do another entire series upon it because there is so many fun things!)
7. Alienware Area 51 M
8. Dell XPS 13
9. Nvidia RTX 20 series.
10. Oculus Quest.

Let's start with No.1: 
This year, I feel like the most eye-catching item of the entire automobile floor is definitely the Bell's Nexus. 

So, first of all, let's introduce Bell. Bell Helicopter Textron Inc is an american aerospace manufacturer located in Fort Worth, Texas.  Currently, it manufactures military class rotorcraft(a more specific name for helicopters) and also commercial helicopter in Quebec, Canada. It is currently manufacturing military grade helicopter or even large transport such as the Osprey. Now, the Bell Nexus, to my view is still undeveloped and requires much more work. First of all, this air-taxi according to the CEO of the Bell Helicopter Textron Inc will be used more than 2000 hours per year in Uber service. However, the problem is with the battery pack and the current low efficiency to transform energy from the electric energy to kinetic energy. Currently, according to the data given, carrying 4 passengers and 1 pilot, it can travel about 150 miles and at a speed of 150 miles per hour. Good enough, but not as good as the current Uber demanding and common people demand. Not only is that energy a problem, the Nexus is a VTOL aircraft, meaning that it can lift off the ground and requires no runways. However, as we all know, the most energy/fuel spend is when the vehicle is kickstarting. The current blockade to Nexus, is still the energy consumption problem. 

Of course, this still need some time to develop, however, the future for the Nexus is still optimistic. It is expected to be released in early to middle 2020s.
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5G tech is not futuristic. It's actually going to be launched this year as far as I know.
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