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You ever hire people? Like they need money so bad. So many so pathetic, and I don't mean that pejoratively. It makes it seem like there's something wrong with the world we live in that this is the state of things. I hear stories about people in third world countries who work in Bangladesh cutting apart great ships on the beaches with blow torches and saws to get the steel. There's no safety regulations. The workers get maimed or get exposed to poisons and asbestos. They get paid $2 a day. Jeebus.
I think the best thing we can do is spread capitalism. The world bank kinda forces societies to adopt a socialist lifestyle and holds the devt over the borrowing nations head indefinitely. A great (meaning effective)* invention by the Fabian society to force their ideology onto the world. These failed societies provide cheap goods for the west, but I would rather see these societies succeed than to save money on a pair of shoes so I can spend money more friviously.

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It's definitely part of the solution. Yet, it's also the status quo in a lot of the places that have these problems.
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In those locations I suggest some healthy eugenics to raise the average IQ score which also seems to be correlared with a country's economic success. 
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Well, supposing that worked, it would work only for the next generation. What about the people that are already here?
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Good point. Create Accurate land and property records seem to help short term and most if not all 3rd world countries lack that. I'd also like to see a good government without the corruption that tends to turn poor countries into kleptocracies, maybe some effort on the world stage to prevent these countries from being exploited unfairly. 

I think we need to avoid too much charity. I have seen it backfire by destroying markets in some areas that could have otherwise provided some wealth to honest entrepenuers and their employees. A popular shoe company that does the buy one donate one sales strategy has had some bad results with the practice. I just wish I knew what to do on a personal level so I coukd help the situation.

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Are you seriously agreeing with Wylted? LOL!

Bangladesh is literally the most capitalist nation on Earth, or at least among the top 5. You LITERALLY can buy your way out of prison or someone into prison there.
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Meh you got me. If you read what I wrote you will see that I didn't really agree with anything but was largely being diplomatic and inquisitive. I didn't start the thread for opinions and such. It was more of sharing a feeling of pity.
The economic freedom index a measure of how capitalistic a country is disagrees with RM's assessment. The countries with the most capitalism seem to have a better economy such as America and Sweden, the countries at the bottom like North Korea Seem to have worse economies. 
Just googled it. Bangladesh is the 128th most capitalist country on Earth

Tough work conditions and low salaries fit much better in pure capitalist countries where goverment has few or no precense at all in the economy.

What you're discussing has to do more with what goverment does for their people, like set the minimum wage, the minumum working hours, social aid and other worker rights. Wild capitalism doesn't give a shit to all this, evidently, there's not need to even mention it.