Fraudelent Pick Up Artisitry

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    Implicit in the conception of Pick Up Artistry/Pick Up Artists (PUA) is the notion that a man is in control of the male-female interaction, and that he can find true masculinity in courting women. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it could be argued that the PUA does not surpass the testosterone sapping slavery of a wage-slave cuck, in that both are subservient to gynocentrism.

    You see, the notions of alpha and beta (and omega and the rest), whilst obtainable for men, are determined solely by women. Thus, whilst a PUA engages in a routine, "game"-laden ritual to court a woman, he is doing so in a way which he thinks she likes. Hence, despite PUAs claiming that they are leading women in an attractive display of masculinity, they willingly bow to the whims of the female mind.

    Now, due to women being as comfortable as they've ever been (welfare, capacity to earn etc.), men providing resources isn't enough. This is where female hypergamy is sent into overdrive, and because these PUAs are desperate to enamour the female mind, male competition morphs. Instead of men competing in healthy ways which are a net benefit for society (science, academia, athleticism etc. -- things women are not particularly interested in), we're now relegated to bars and clubs, selling our souls to posturing, machismo and violence, all because that's where the women are and that's how I can validate myself as a "real man" (until, if I'm lucky, the next morning). This produces nothing of real value to society, and is deeply unfulfilling to a man (it's essentially a drug addiction).

    So in PUA selling you "game" and techniques in which to conquer women, they're really selling you the chains of female nature's whims.

    This is the fraud of PUA.