The Dudz Hypothesis (PT 2)

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    So in this try, I did 20 days of logging data for my emotions during the day and what I was craving during dinner time and my mood when I first logged in

    DAY 1
    Mood: Tired
    Craving: Chocolate Cake

    DAY 2
    Mood: Tired
    Craving: Cheetohs

    DAY 3
    Mood: Angry/Annoyed
    Craving: Beef Sandwich

    DAY 4
    Mood: Relaxed
    Craving: Mac n Cheese

    DAY 5
    Mood: Happy
    Craving: Quesadilla 

    DAY 6
    Mood: Sad
    Craving: A Whole Bag of Doritos

    DAY 7
    Mood: Sad
    Craving: King Sized Rice Krispy

    DAY 8
    Mood: Estatic
    Craving: Chicken Salad

    DAY 9
    Mood: Tired
    Craving: Brownie

    DAY 10
    Mood: Exhausted/Tired
    Craving: Diet Coke

    DAY 11
    Mood: Sad
    Craving: 20 piece McNuggets

    DAY 12
    Mood: Horny
    Craving: Strawberry

    DAY 13
    Mood: Horny
    Craving: Yogurt

    DAY 14
    Mood: Horny
    Craving: Yogurt

    (these days when I was horny, I was very hungry

    DAY 15
    Mood: Happy
    Craving: Ice Cream

    DAY 16
    Mood: Relaxed
    Craving: Deep Dish Pizza

    DAY 17
    Mood: Motivated
    Craving: Mousakka

    DAY 18
    Mood: Outraged
    Craving: Takis

    DAY 19
    Mood: Pain
    Craving: Water

    DAY 20
    Mood: Sick
    Craving: Anything Liquid