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    Okay so I'm in Hanoi for a student Model United Nations right now, and of course that means Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are also here for a summit. What's more, my research topic is on denuclearization/nuclear control... which is the crux of the summit hqqwhejkwqhek

    Anyway so I just wanted to ask you guys for feedback on my resolution (lobbying starts tomorrow) so if there are any changes I need to make please let me know :) It's difficult to elaborate much on the justifications for some of the statements made here even in the pre-ambulatory clauses because of the nature of a resolution

    (Btw I did this while keeping updated on the summit so if I got shady in some sub-clauses please forgive me lol)

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    --> @revivedmuse
    Our Model UN got suspended for bringing a flare gun to the hotel