Abrahamic "GOD" Garbage...FLUSH DOWN TOILET

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Enough is enough ! .....

Moses is DEAD....his GOD is a NO SHOW BOZO with a very nasty Comic Book and a band of imbeciles that act like they BELIEVE in this HOAX
 Jesus is DEAD....born of some illiterate tribal VIRGIN Jewish girl ?  by his early 30's he is screwed by his own people and murdered by ROME !\\
   Allah is DEAD...the GOD guy was also a NO SHOW...just having a conversation with some illiterate Tribal imbecile...who made him into a GOD !  

Where is Santa claus when you need him ?   hey Santa...open minded humans everywhere would appreciate it if you could take these 3 idiotic
old man fantasy GOD constructs to a deep freeze and FORGET in the North Pole....or keep them with your elves as toys to play with !   

A new TV REALITY show is coming soon:   "GOD" for a Day !    it will air Christmas DAY !   so Santa we need contestants !  and by getting RID 
of the JESUS-JEW-ALLAH God hoaxes...a new GOD can be chosen !  and who better to choose a NEW GOD than Santa Claus ! 

The network is seeking a GOOD GOD !   get it...GOOD GOD !    Ok, whatever...they want a GOD that is COOL...FRIENDLY...likes to PARTY
and is very generous to his BELIEVERS ! .....GOOD GOD !    Yeah...exactly...a GOOD GOD...

Not some hopeless BOZO that hides in a bush on a remote mountain waiting for some jackass (MOSES) to show up and seek his help ! and even when this GOD helps he is disregarded then gets angry and takes REVENGE on everyone.....NO NO MORE of the PSYCHOPATH JEW GOD....no WAY !   

Then there is this punk baby farce that pops out of some Virgin Jewish Illiterate Tribal Girl ?   1500 years after the Moses meets his GOD on the
mountain HOAX....like where was this JEW GOD ?   sitting on a toilet for 1500 YEARS !    worthless....Ok so a new GOD beyond the JEW GOD and 
all the others GODS of the Middle East region...JESUS !  yes folks...JESUS...the baby GOD turned young man...who was accused by his JEW clan
as a HERETIC...and MURDERED by ROME !   where is the Abrahamic in this garbage hoax of a story ?   FLUSH...

Then 600 years after JESUS was MURDERED and martyred by ROME !   the JEWS still spit on this FAKE MESSIAH hoax...some illiterate ARAB
guy has a chat with his GOD !   (ALLAH) ....kinda like MOSES did 2000 years earlier ?   what a JOKE....

So from 1 GOD of the JEWS who trashed all other GODS...came JESUS and ALLAH = 3 Middle East GOD hoaxes...it's so obvious that each group
needed its OWN GOD VERSION....= 3 idiot Middle East GODS---JEW-JESUS-ALLAH  all old man made inventions for power and control

ALL 3 need to be FLUSHED DOWN a TOILET...that is where they come from....some low life TRIBAL SHT !   along with idiot Bible/Koran/Torah
verse VOMIT and totally psychotic DOGMAS attached to each GOD HOAX

GET RID of these 3 GOD STOOGES...ALLAH-YAHWEH-JESUS...all fabricated TRASH..all at WAR...all totally WORTHLESS....FLUSH...

No human ever needs any of these 3 lunatic GOD hoaxes...to EXIST and DIE...humans are more than capable of thriving and engineering a 
GREEN SAFE world to exist in and with all the other life forms...

These 3 idiot GOD hoaxes and their twisted Parasite VAMPIRE followers must be reduced to MEANINGLESS MYTHOLOGY for stupid people...

Imagine a world without these 3 IDIOTIC GOD constructs....= awesome...and free to explore and discover....without the FEAR-INTIMIDATION-VIOLENCE these 3 worthless GOD hoaxes promote and perpetuate....