A nasa astronaut on genesis

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    --> @keithprosser
    You don't have to leave Earth to experience the same awe you felt as a kid in church. Just get a neuroscientist to poke the right part of your brain and - viola! [sic] - instant awe experience.

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    GENESIS...Comic Book Series...fabricated by psychotic old men of a long gone era...

    An era of unprecedented IGNORANCE and ILLITERACY...humans running around a remote desert in Halloween 
    Gowns or rags seeking some kind of JUSTICE against all who oppose their "GOD" hoax and DOGMA

    Same as the DICTATOR-EMPEROR-KING +++ psychopath mindset for POWER and CONTROL over
    the masses of asses who must accept, serve, and DIE for their MASTER !   what a JOKE

    As the age of Emperors-Kings-Queens-Pharaohs +++ has faded the same will go for the DICTATOR SCUM
    and the "GODS"  all are human fabricated constructs for POWER nothing more...

    HUMANS never need some psychopath with an idiotic label to EXIST and DIE for...same goes for all the
    idiotic "GODS" humans invented and discarded...

    Genesis is just another idiotic story of a long gone era....nothing to MURDER and DESTROY over...that is
    the stuff of PSYCHOPATHS not some retarded "GOD" construct...

    The greatest threat to HUMANITY and EARTH are the Middle East "GOD" hoaxes...JEW-JESUS-ALLAH
    are nothing but Comic Book knockoff characters stolen from other civilizations long before these 3 idiot
    'GODS" existed...all 3 are a SCAM for power and control by Church-Temple-Mosque Parasite Vampire
    PSYCHOPATHS...all 3 are CULTS...connected by 1 singular purpose..and it's not their retarded
    NO SHOW "GOD" hoax...

    It is the use of these 3 "GOD" hoaxes as TOOLS...tools for exploitation..deceit...division...war...oppression..
    slavery...nothing more...divide the spoils...wake UP HUMANS..

    NO HUMAN OWES any pathetic con artist scum VAMPIRE of the 3 fake "GOD" hoaxes anything...but a 
    spit in their FACE for playing "GOD" and causing so much SUFFERING over IT...

    UNITE HUMANS and rid your planet of these Parasite VAMPIRES cloaked in Halloween Glory Gowns
    who play "GOD" at your expense...YOU are expendable...these parasites feed off of FEAR-INTIMIDATION
    and VIOLENCE....flush the JEW-JESUS-ALLAH GOD garbage down the TOILET and FORGET

    These humans are NOTHING..they are con artist LIARS using the "GOD" construct for self gain...
    All 3 GODS are HOAXES....a joke played very well by true psychopaths...let it all ROT

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    I wouldn't say it's pathetic. Actually I think it is an exceptionally clever piece of propaganda to take a little jab at the godless commies that would have been very prominently on everyone's minds at the time.

    Very clever indeed, I doubt I would have thought of it.