"GOD" ? the ultimate SCAPEGOAT for TERRORISM

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GOD ?   a word made up by some Roman Catholic Church CLOWN who was creating a GOTHIC Bible VOMIT version
              and needed a word from the now extinct Eastern Germanic Language of the time to identify the ALL MIGHTY !
              SUPER BEING ENTITY CREATOR of billions of GALAXIES, TRILLIONS of WORLDS, and the horrifically 
              PATHETIC HUMAN....

 This word "GOD" was invented 400 years after the ROMANS murdered the boy wonder God HOAX "JESUS" on behalf of his 
 own people !  who turned against him for claiming he was the JEW MESSIAH !   

OH NO SAY the JEWS of JESUS TIME...only MOSES has met with the real GOD...(1500 years earlier) this boy toy who came
of some illiterate VIRGIN Jewish tribal girl is NOT THE MESSIAH !  

?????? WHY did it take 1500 years  for some idiot GOD to show up LIVE...and of all things as a baby of some idiot VIRGIN GIRL !

THAT IS NOT A GOD that is a FCKG IDIOT....an IGNORANT FOOL who created a disaster = HUMANS who were obsessed with
murdering each other over other GODS !   

The timeline makes it so OBVIOUS that all of these so called "GODS" are human inventions...they come and go just like the
RETARDS that invented them...

OF ALL "GODS" ?  the MIDDLE EAST Psychopath parasite VAMPIRES of the ....JEW - JESUS - ALLAH God hoaxes have caused
MORE DEATH and DESTRUCTION than any human endeavor on EARTH...

Each disgusting CULT of JEW - JESUS - ALLAH God PARASITES is dedicated to murdering all who do not accept their JOKE of a
"GOD" as the one and ONLY GOD...and all must OBEY and do as they are told by world class TERRORIST MIND and LIFE MOLESTERS
who use FEAR - INTIMIDATION - VIOLENCE to subdue the hypnotized fool that falls for their CRAP...

Do the LEADERS (psychotic terrorists) actually go out and physically torture and execute those who do not CONFORM ?   NO..NO WAY
these Parasite VAMPIRES who prance around in Halloween Glory Gowns and play GOD order the FOOLS who OBEY THEM to do all
the FILTHY DIRTY WORK for them !   what a great scam..FREE LABOR and ARMY of sheeple to destroy all who disobey !

The Middle East JEW - JESUS - ALLAH GODS are total CONS...all 3 are spun off each other..all 3 are neighbors yet all 3 disagree
and are at WAR with each other !   this is the stuff of RETARDED OLD MEN FOOLS...and it is time now to end this INSANITY...

Look at any ORTHODOX JEW - JESUS - ALLAH God Concentration Camp CULTS...this is the epitome of OPPRESSION...they
breed like dogs and treat each other like LICE on a dead carcass...WOMEN are worthless flesh bag breeding machines and are
locked in a closet...OBEY and SUFFER is what these pathetic Parasite VAMPIRES do and PREACH....they are a DISGRACE
to all sentient beings in the UNIVERSE and for some "GOD" to demand this type of worship and behavior is truly a TERRORIST

SOLUTION to this JEW - JESUS - ALLAH GOD terrorism is to relegate these HOAXES to MEANINGLESS MYTHOLOGY for
idiots...NO HUMAN ever needs to be approved and validated to EXIST and DIE by some JEW - JESUS - ALLAH God Parasite
VAMPIRE psychopath.....EVER...

Time to let these Parasites MURDER each other into extinction while the NEW GENERATIONS look forward with an OPEN MIND
with CURIOSITY to innovate-explore-discover and create a green world where FEAR - INTIMIDATION - VIOLENCE over some
totally RETARDED psychotic GOD hoax and the parasite HUMANS that play "GOD" are.......... GONE FOREVER.............

All the fake Middle East GODS and their PSYCHOTIC... Bible / Torah / Koran VERSE VOMIT is flushed down the TOILET...

The new humanity will truly THRIVE like never before on EARTH....wake up HUMANS and help RID EARTH 
of these Parasite VAMPIRE "GODS" and the CULTS that exploit them as pathetic scapegoats for POWER 

When some "GOD" has the BALLS to actually show up and be recognized by all humanity as such...even then..like the JESUS
hoax and the JEWS who would not accept him as MESSIAH the same will happen again...this typical HUMAN DEFECT of having
to be in CONTROL is what the Middle East "GOD" hoax garbage is truly all about..the "GOD" (always some lame guy..is a piece
of CRAP.... a fabricated SCAPEGOAT used as a TOOL for OPPRESSION by OLD MEN PSYCHOPATHS...they can all go to the grave
because they are HELL ON THIS EARTH....

For the sake of human evolution beyond FEAR and VIOLENCE the Middle East "GODS" must be annihilated ... = FORGOTTEN....