"BATMAN" saves the day ! from a Jehovah's Witness assimilation

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     BATMAN ! ....protector from EVIL.....

    Don't be fooled by the Jesus JOKER !  he acts calm and well mannered but underneath is a hardcore
    psychopath.....he wants you to join his CULT CHURCH....OBEY or go to HELL !   

    Look ! in the sky...the BAT SIGNAL.....somewhere in GOTHAM EVIL LURKS.....hmmm who or what
    could it be ?    

    Let's go Robin (boy wonder) there's trouble brewing in Gotham....i'm on it BATMAN...let's ride !

    Following a signal with his EVIL PRESENCE BAT LOCATOR DEVICE....BATMAN quickly determines
    the source of the EVIL DOER.....it's a van loaded with JEHOVAH's WITNESS Parasite Vampires
    cruising one of Gotham's wealthier districts....

    Look Robin a white Van slowly cruising the street...looking for a vulnerable victim...like a nice older
    widow......home alone...a perfect target for potential CONVERSION INTO THEIR DESPICABLE CULT.....

    Holy deception Batman they are pulling into that driveway in that cul de sac over there....looks like a nice house !
    and a dandy target for the CULT !   

    YES  Boy Wonder...we have to intercede quickly these Jehovah's Parasite Vampires move swiftly and
    are cunning in their ways to get inside the home...and potentially hypnotize a vulnerable citizen to join their CULT !   

    Swiftly Batman pulled up and got out to jump over the wall of the home...stay alert ROBIN...i'm going after them...
    Right BATMAN i have the scanner screen on to track you....

    ...The door opened on the van and 2 teenage girls emerged....????... HOW DEVIANT those JW parasites are to use
    children as hooks for their CULT ASSIMILATION STRATEGY....the girls walked up to the door and one reached out to ring the bell

    ..Shortly after an elderly woman answered the door....BATMAN observed them talking then the elderly woman invited the girls 
    into her home....BATMAN also noticed in the van there is a young man...driving...he must be a parent or guardian of some sort
    the girls are told to create interest quickly and call for assistance in order to seal the CULT ASSIMILATION DEAL !    

    The Van door opened and the young man approached the door of the home...THIS IS IT BATMAN told Robin....the CLOSER
    was at the door...i'm going in ROBIN......HI HO BATMAN !   save the elderly VICTIM !    ......

    in an instant BATMAN was at the door facing the CULT CLOSER....then the door opened and the elderly woman was startled by the
    presence of BATMAN...what on Earth is going on here she said... i apologize for the inconvenience Citizen my EVIL PRESENCE
    BAT DEVICE went off and i am here to investigate and prevent any HARM that could occur...Why how thoughtful of you BATMAN
    but have everything under control here...these girls are a true joy to talk to..at that moment the young man called to the girls
    to leave.....knowing with BATMAN on the scene he wasn't going to succeed  today...another time he thought....the girls quickly 
    slipped out and into the van with the driver and took off...

    The elderly woman laughed...confused BATMAN was about to ask...and the woman started talking...i think i might have inspired
    them she said....you see BATMAN i was a PSYCHOLOGY PROFESSOR at GOTHAM TECH ...i am well aware these girls are
    caught in a JW CULT MAZE and out on tour to learn how to assimilate new members .....they have been here before...this time
    i was showing them the accomplishments of HYPATIA  of ALEXANDRIA Egypt 400 AD...she was a wonder of her time, helping
    her father oversee the most extraordinary LIBRARY on EARTH ....ALEXANDRIA !   she was an independent woman full of
    zest and curiosity about many things..and an accomplished Astronomer, Scientist, Philosopher, in a time when women were
    used like animals and relegated to slavery and mindless servitude of men...a TRUE INSPIRATION for these young girls to 
    realize there is so much more to explore and discover in life....then to be trapped and chained to a horrifically OBSOLETE CULT

    WOW !  you are really FANTASTIC !  a true inspiration for young women to reach out and discover their potential...MAGNIFICENT !

    I can say that i am acquainted with one of GOTHAM'S leading philanthropists who will certainly be interested in what you are doing
    Perhaps a COMMUNITY CENTER for the OPEN MINDED is in order !  OH MY ! the woman responded how wonderful that would be

    INDEED...and YOU MAM , are truly wonderful....have a nice evening..you to BATMAN...BYE !    

    MORAL =  No human ever needs to be CAGED and TRAPPED in some Religious "GOD" hoax CULT that forces them to accept their
    totally insane dogma of how to EXIST and OBEY the CULT and serve without question their agenda....DISGUSTING....

    These girls and countless other vulnerable minds are TARGETS for the deranged mind and life destroying CULTS..beware CITIZEN
    of any person who attempts to SAVE YOU from some kind of HELL..for THEY ARE HELL on this EARTH ..avoid..never commit...
    to their DECEPTION..."GOD"  is merely their scapegoat TOOL...they want to own your MIND and LIFE...NEVER SUBMIT....EVER !