If Hitler was truly a student of Purist Darwinism, why didn't he side with the Jews?

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    The Jews, which now are an even more incredible miracle of natural selection having proved themselves against even more slaughter and hatred than prior to Hitler, were thriving in spite of being bottom of the food chain ethnicity-wise for millenia. The only time Jews 'stood a chance' in the hierarchy was a period between the Persian downfall and the uprising of the Romans (yes, I know quite a window). In this period of time, they learned money skills and actuary-analytical skills that have proven to be the sole reason they were not wiped out.

    'wiped out PFFFFT, no race was ever wiped out and no ethnicity extinct'... Wrong. What do you think happened to the original Persian race? It's diluted and gone, as is the culture. Iran is more Arab than Persian in what it is today. What do you think happened to many tribes in Africa? You think 'majority tribes' just had more to begin with? Don't delude yourself, the Jews had proven themselves a truly admirable, tenacious and unbelievably Darwin-supported ethnicity throughout the history prior to Hitler's reign. Yet he called them inferior, even though it was their very superiority that he hated them for and then justified using and abusing them by them being good for nothing else; except manual labour in concentration camps was the one thing they'd never been built for, they're mathematical and strategy-based supreme ethnicity, not physical-endurance based.

    So tell me, really, SlaveDevice and all you right-wingers who say that Hitler was actually just a realist. Tell me, you filthy redneck Outlaw60, if Hitler was a student of true-form Darwinism why did he side against, not with, the superior ethnicity as proven over many, many setbacks that could and would have driven an inferior race and ethnicity extinct over time?

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    --> @RationalMadman
    You give way too much credit to politicians in general.