GOD ? the FOOL to DIE for.....

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    So which GOD do YOU beg for SALVATION...... and CONDEMN all who do not accept him as well...and  must be  EXTERMINATED ?  

    the JEW GOD ?   JESUS ?  ALLAH ?   where do all of the DEAD BELIEVERS end up ?   all together in some GOD AMUSEMENT PARK
    for ETERNITY ?   

    YOU can't wait to be with the Jehovah's Witnesses...and the Latter Day Saints...and the Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, Muslims, 
    MILLIONS of them all FIGHTING and MURDERING each other over who is RIGHT for all ETERNITY !

    Praise JESUS !  Praise ALLAH !   now that YOUR DEAD you get to fight FOREVER......as your GOD laughs at the utter STUPIDITY
    of his mutant HUMAN CREATION DISASTER...continuing to beat-torture-mutilate each other over him !