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Not so much the activity of golf which is fine but the culture of golf: the clubiness, the maximized use of open space for minimized numbers in urban areas, the water usage and the carefully manicured lawns and the interminable whispered weekend tv matches and the tax breaks and the presidential golf traditions. Driving ranges? Good sport. Putt-putt?  Excellent family fun. Country clubs in city centers?  No, thanks. 
--> @oromagi
Not so much the activity of golf which is fine but the culture of golf:

..."When you see something that is technically sweet, you go ahead and do it and you argue about what to do about it only after you have had your technical success. That is the way it was with the atomic bomb.J. Robert Oppenheimer"...

Controlling the trajectory of a specific kind of ball via a club with specific set of parameters.  I think men have this genetically ingrained more than women. I dunno

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it's why I haven't planned  on playing a full 18.
--> @oromagi
You're clearly not a good golfer which would make sense why you "don't get it." Entertainment in life is the most important thing. Being out in nature, being on your own, with another, meet new people, meet future business partners, play a precision sport that takes years to get good at, hit a ball 200+ yards with ease, watch the ball fly up into the the air, hear the smack it makes when it's a perfect hit, feel the wind through your hair, time the wind, know what direction and how hard it's blowing, know the greens, know the fairways, but most importantly... be around the most beautiful scenery that just takes you away from the world. 

Humans are becoming addicts, phone obsessed, bullshit obsessed... bc they don't have shit to do. Go hate on that... not people that have found a hobbies they like. I would say spend all my tax dollars and everyone else's to make the world a hobby... give people shit to do. Instead of keeping them mindless slaves.