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    Bipolar personality disorder

    There are two main symptoms

    One is Borderline personality and the other is bipolar.

    Borderline Personality
    "Involves a longstanding pattern of abrupt, moment-to-moment swings -- in moods, relationships, self-image, and behavior (in contrast to distinct episodes of mania or depression in people with bipolar disorder) that are usually triggered by conflicts in interactions with other people. People with borderline personality disorder can experience overly strong emotional responses to upsetting life events and often try to hurt themselves. They often have chaotic relationships with people."

    Plus people with Borderline Personality also at more risk of having other types of mental health problems.  They also have "trauma as a child than people with bipolar disorder."

    Just some of the Symptoms has "trouble controlling his/her thoughts and managing his/her feelings, and often has impulsive and reckless behavior."

    Here some more Symptoms

    Frantic efforts to avoid feeling abandoned
    History of unstable, intense relationships
    Self-harm (e.g., overdose on pills) or suicidal behavior

    Problems managing anger and unpleasant emotions
    But Wait there some hope out there for these people who suffer from this disorder. 

    It's called Treatment.

    So, what is the Treatment. Let's take a look shall we...

    "Specific forms of psychotherapy, such as dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) or transference-focused psychotherapy (TFP) aimed at helping people manage impulses (such as suicidal urges or tendencies to self-harm when they feel upset), feelings of distress or anger, and emotional oversensitivities to interactions with other people." 

    Oh wait there more. 

    "Medications are also sometimes used to help with these symptoms."

    They is one more thing that can help.

    "Sometimes, short hospital stays are also needed to manage times of crisis that involve threats to safety and well-being."
    Here are some more links that could help..
    The main goal of this thread is to give out hope and support for these who needs this. Or if you have a friend, a family member or who ever else you might think of to pass this knowledge to.

    It time to give back a little..... If you know someone with this mental health problem or anything else related. Then give a shout out and post......
    Mary be strong.
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