Relationship Woe's

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    Relationship Woe's

    This thread could go to anyone who has a relationship problem. Rather you have a wife, husband, girl-friend, boy-friend, Ex's, or whatever your relationship you have. You could use this thread to point out a problem with any problem you have.

    As for me, i will point out one of my recent problem i had. Relationships is founded by trust. It the core of all working relationship. Without it your relationship is as good as dead....

    So, let me tell you this little story. The girl i was recently seeing. Had a fall out. It was founded by miscommunication. I texted her and she texted me frequently like everyone.  Anyways, i texted her something i totally didn't mean. I say something like I'm still friends with a girl i knew and we had sexual relations in the past.  She kind of like a very good friend. But the girl i was with didn't see it as that. She take it like i was still fking her. And then i was like no it nothing like that. So, i say let's talk!!!. And she was like NO. So, i say what do you mean no? And she say you just better type it. So, i did but it got even worst. I miss understand what she was talking about and vice versa. So, it just escalated from there...

    I was like let's just talk voice to voice and she just didn't want any part of it. I just didn't get it.. This could had been avoided by actually talking things out. And could had limit the damage. But just because of some simple miss understanding. This got in to a huge complicated issues. When in fact this could had been all avoided... It just very frustrated, to be in a relationship these days... The whole moral of this story was she just didn't put trust, into the process. She had major trust issues... This was pretty sad the way it ended. I actually liked her too....

    Anyways if you have any story or comments feel free to express them on here...