Abrahamic GODS ? the 3 stooges of the CON GAME

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    Middle East GODS ?   

    Once there were hundreds perhaps thousands of GODS spread among many civilizations going back to 4000 BC....

    Where are they today ?....on vacation ? .....retired? ....visiting Disney World ? ...all that remains are the 3 GOD "STOOGES"  = Jew - Jesus - Allah

    Pick a GOD ?   and regardless of your choice...the other two GOD STOOGES will be upset and make sure that you are condemned and punished
    in life and death forever !   

    These 3 "GOD" STOOGES are human fabricated scapegoats...they are used as TOOLS to incite FEAR - INTIMIDATION - VIOLENCE...all 3 need
    to be flushed down a TOILET and forgotten....as the people who follow them HAVE DONE TO ALL THE OTHER GODS of humanity .......

    The JEW - JESUS - ALLAH GODS are a DISGRACE to all of humanity and other life forms on EARTH...they are used by world class PSYCHOPATH
    CON ARTISTS to cull and enslave the masses of weak minded and deliberately dumbed down ASSES into slavery...nothing more...

    The greatest THREAT to the psychopaths who play any of these 3 stooges "GOD" hoaxes is the intelligent OPEN MINDED thinker...the 3 STOOGES
    "GOD" slave drones are desperate for CONTROL...they will say and do anything to destroy the free thinker....because the FREE THINKER does not
    need some glorified Circus Clown Preacher to follow and accept their unprecedented idiotic dogma attached to their fake invented "GODS"

    ...Share your view and experience of being deceived - cheated - abused - condemned by any of the slave drone followers of these 3 "GOD" stooges...
    and HOW YOU WOULD resolve ridding humanity of these 3 stooges "GOD" diseases.

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    A god.
    A human god.
    A book.
    A clubhouse.

    Fake religious groups operated like this.
    Then comes along THE ONE TRUE RELIGIOUS GROUP. 
    " YOURS "
    yours being the theists  ( cath \  pro \ Christian \ islim and so on )  the first one true religion with the One true God at the helm.

    Long story short, your god sets up the first true religion and it goes.......
    A god 
    A human god 
    A book 
    A clubhouse 
    Exactly like a dozen of fake religious groups before yours and exactly like every fake religious group after yours.
    It's um.
    let's go with.... ( uncanny )  Please explain.

    Let us now take 6 seconds to think of the BLOKE that foreseen things much like this and thought.
    Things like this and many other instances  may be very difficult to just simply dismiss. I mean, things like this may cause people to doubt.
    So This smart smart bloke come out with. 
    ( WHAT We will do to get around the numerous " uncanny " Coincidencees is make the jew god Christian god.)
    Yeah this can be used to explain away the many questions asked about alllllllllllllllllllll the gods there is.
    Sooooooooooooooo Jew god is " OBVIOUSLY Christian Muslim god. 
    Well for those who don't do say Jesus is god. 
    And Jesus can't be god because Muslim god,  aka jewslimian God the one and only tells us Jesus is a half PROPH half God and the other half   whatever he is and a third magician 
    Great thinking hey?  making your god that groups and their god,  

    The one and only great god  (Jewhistslimogy ) 

    Good game. 
    Good game.