Measles Outbreak in Orthodox Jewish Areas of NYC: Religion as a Public Health Hazard?

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    This has been on my local morning news channel for several weeks now, and you can google "measles outbreak 2019 NYC" to read the details if you feel it necessary, but the long and short of it is as follows. 

    The Orthodox Jewish community in areas of NYC are claiming a religious exemption, and religious discrimination, as it comes to the requirement to vaccinate your children against MMR. I saw a woman on the news this morning saying the it's between her and her creator, that god created perfect children, and vaccinating them is against her religion. Unfortunately, measles is now rising in that area, meaning that unvaccinated children are carrying it and communicating it (it is NOTORIOUSLY communicable) to others. 

    On the one hand, I respect their right to not vaccinate their children. Forcing them to do so does seem to be an infringement on their exercise of their religion. On the other hand, they are creating a public health menace, and if that's what they want to do, then they seem to me to be putting themselves into an 'apartheid' state: their children shouldn't be allowed in public schools, public parks, etc., because now you're imposing your own religious views / ignorance on others (by exposing others to this disease). 

    Which takes precedence in your mind? Protecting the larger community means segregating this population, at best, and mandating a medical treatment, at worst, for the good of a larger number of people. Deferring to religious freedom and saying that disallowing these children in public spaces like everyone else puts more kids in danger. It's an interesting thought exercise, but in the end, kids are getting sick that really don't need to. 
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    --> @ludofl3x
    It's a funny old topic this 

    My thought starts off with ummmmm, can I state a fact. Fact being. mommy and daddy jews have baby jews. FACT. 

    I'm also thinking,  You'll be real lucky if you make it into heaven after being vaccinated. God doesn't like it. 
    Getting vacced is the same as eating a bacon and egg burger. Is it?

    Getting vaccinated is on par with eating shell fish.  It's reckless.

    The Jewish Sin removal. 
    Like if you break god's law and your a catholic you can easily solve it with a splash of holy water a trip to the BOOTH and a Christ flavoured wafer. 
    And or cashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  
    Because God lovessssszssssss casshhhhhhhhhhh.  I'm thinking $1000 bucks to the synagogue makes getting vacc go away. 


    I might start a vacc service.  You simply pay $1500 to a company yet to be announced ( SNEAKY VACC ) or ( Whats that over there? bammmmmmmm your vaccinated )  and we will accidently, secretly vaccinate your little ones without them knowing it.
    One minute the Kids are playing with a toy the next thing they are fully vaccinated. I won't get into the mechanisms of it all but. 
    For $1500 your Kid WILL BE vaccinated*. You will not know they will not know. 

    REMEMBER God doesn't punish you for someone vaccinating you without your knownig. 

    We also have service named  (Secretly Immunised whilst getting circumcised )  package.  
    Every SNEAKY VACC  Comes with a box of smarties. 


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    --> @ludofl3x
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