Moe { Morris } Berg "The Catcher was a Spy"

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    1902 - 1972...I liked the part where he meets Hiesignberg { Uncertainty principle } at the dinner invitation with Paul Scherr and there is chess board of Pauls because all physicsts like to play chess ---but of course--, so Moe ask Verner he can make a move on Pauls chess border that is preset to make for and interesting.

    Werner  says yes please do. So Moe moves a pawn. Then Werner states to Moe, look very carefully at the board, then  Werner makes his move.

    I will not tell you the two moves Werner then makes.  But Moe is sent to kill Hesignberg if he believes Nazis are building a bomb and if Werner is helping. So begins the chess match of mind between the extremmely intelligent  basball catcher turned spy, and one of the great physicist of the time.

    Soon as I saw how the chess game played out, I was very sad a for one of my physics mentors who died last year. I know he would have loved this movie.  +10