JEW - JESUS - ALLAH = greatest DISGRACE in human existence

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ABRAHAMIC... ????...........A Comic Book Series.... featuring the JEW GOD of MOSES.....invented 1400 years before the JESUS HOAX...then 600                                                   years after the JESUS boy GOD hoax was murdered by ROME per the JEWS demands...some illiterate MUHAMMAD                                                   ARAB guy has his version of the "(Moses meets GOD moment")  and VOILA !   ALLAH is the GOD of GODS !   

THE TRUTH of Abrahamic RELIGIONS =  All 3.....JEW - JESUS -  ALLAH... are human invented fabricated Comic Book HOAXES...all 3 are STOLEN
                                                                    and TWISTED versions of other GOD stories and Religions of the Middle East region going back 3000 
                                                                    years BEFORE the JEW God shows up !  let alone the JESUS and ALLAH GOD invented GARBAGE...

The TIMELINE of history over the last 10,000 years proves beyond any doubt how the JEW - JESUS - ALLAH GOD hoaxes ARE nothing more than 
twisted versions of other GODS in human history...GODS ?  thousands of them have come and gone just like COMIC BOOK CHARACTERS...the
difference with the ABRAHAMIC GOD GARBAGE is how world class PSYCHOPATH MIND and LIFE MOLESTERS use them as SCAPEGOATS
to enslave the masses of deliberately DUMBED DOWN human ASSES....

THE RESULT....= Unprecedented DEATH and DESTRUCTION using the JEW - JESUS - ALLAH GOD invented HOAXES to THIS DAY !

None of the CON ARTIST VAMPIRE SCUM  Religious Circus Clowns in Halloween Glory Gowns is concerned with HUMAN and EARTH
WELL BEING..these are OLD MEN acting like a GOD...playing games with the minds and lives of others for POWER and CONTROL

these HUMAN Bible/Torah/Koran spewing PARASITE VAMPIRES are the greatest THREAT to HUMAN - ANIMAL - EARTH....they despise the
OPEN MINDED curious HUMAN and demand total OBEDIENCE to horrifically OBSOLETE and OPPRESSIVE DOGMA they invent and attach 
to their FAKE GOD HOAXES....

Sadly due to the HYPNOSIS PSYCHOSIS these Parasite GOD preaching VAMPIRES induce using FEAR - INTIMIDATION - VIOLENCE as TOOLS
in the name of their totally ASININE God invented HOAXES...the weak and feeble minded humans fall for the ILLUSION that they will SUFFER for
all eternity when they DROP DEAD..unless they SERVE the PARASITES without question..including the MURDER and TORTURE of all who do not
accept and OBEY them.....

So...where the FCK IS THEIR GOD ?  to save these pathetic creatures under the spell of the Parasite VAMPIRES they serve first ?   NOWHERE

All 3 Abrahamic GOD HOAXES remain INVISIBLE and OUT OF TOUCH....what a SCAM....

SOLUTION ?   YES....relegate these 3 STOOGE GOD hoaxes to MYTHOLOGY like they have done to all the other GODS humans invented... ZEUS...ODIN....APOLLO...and thousands more who are no longer USED as GODS by the Parasite VAMPIRES for power and control

.......NO HUMAN EVER needs to be validated and approved to EXIST and DIE by some Parasite VAMPIRE preacher in a Halloween Glory Gown
who plays GOD but ...eats...sleeps...sits on a toilet...and DIES like all other humans...WHAT a DISGUSTING JOKE on HUMANITY these Clowns
of the Abrahamic GOD HOAXES truly are....

Save HUMANITY and EARTH by ridding the planet of these 3 Abrahamic DISEASE...GOD inventions...reduce them to the Comic Book GARBAGE
they truly are and FORGET....going humanity has done with all the other GODS and RELIGIONS before them.....