SupaDudz Memorial Profile Pic Pick o' the Week: No. 10- The Resserected

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For Easter..... hey, it was that or rabbits.

--> @oromagi
My Easter is not til the 28th so Game of Thrones was a better choice.

I watched 1 season of it and I personally hated it

--> @SupaDudz
me too. Actually I read the first few books too and said, bah too many characters, too derivative, all the big events happen off screen. But each season gets better- fewer characters who bring increasingly complex motives to the escalating doom. The big scenes get much bigger. Last season was the most epic fantasy ever on tv- Shakespearean actors playing Vulcan chess with undead dragons- it was definitely worth the muddle
Supadudz's posting to his own memorial ought not to be misinterpreted as itself an incidence of resurrection, his easter is not until the 28th.  Sorry for any unwarranted juxtapositions.