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His heart is without knowledge
The line is drawn across the sand

there is no hope for his kind
They have no rest or peace

But the Lord sees all and he will not refrain justice
They thought he was like them.
he will judge them.

They have no understanding, they go astray as sheep
Compassion will give instruction
Mercy will reveal blessing and law
They keep it not.

The enemies teeth are broken
Their arm lacks strength
Terror comes in the night
They have no rest
There is no peace before them

The sons of God are witness,
The earth declares their sin
The sun is smitten in shame
the moon hides its face

The mighty one weighs the hearts and finds them wanting
Heaven drops down with thunder
With grace of the dew in the morning.

The heathen will yet praise the Lord
He renews his mercy before the sun
After the moon has covered its lines

There is yet hope for the forsaken and forgotten
There is peace for those who seek it
righteousness for the faithful

As phinehas impaled the trespasser
As the javelin was moved through zeal
So shall the lord destroy the wicked
and with promise bless the righteous.
They that cannot hear will not hear
neither they that are blinded can see.
their destruction is sudden, as thief in the night.

The seas roar and are tossed
So are the fools in their hope
Their sound is sudden and great
Then they cannot be found
the wind stirs up the dust
To toss to its circuits
So are they that are of the spirit
The observers are confounded by their paths.

The moon is a witness, the depths will not be searched
Neither shall the heavens be measured
So shall the Lord rule forever
no arrow touches his throne
the court of the sun is humbled
Drop down mountains, the mighty one comes
The saints of the most high shines in his glory
the fires are quenched in darkness
For he dwells in the thick darkness
The heavens and earth shall shake
They will tremble at his feet.

The rocks shall not hide them
The caves shall not prevent his eyes

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not bad

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I write poetry as well.

Balancing Act
They asked me for a balancing act
They said, ‘Let’s see what you can do’
I gathered everything inside me
I took it, and I flew.

Before their very eyes, you see
I circled round the sky
Won’t let them limit me
I’d like to see them try.

I have the greatest balancing act
Involving only me
It doesn’t end, this perfect mix
Of lift and gravity.

Night's Beauty

The gossamer threads of twilight fading
Torn away by darkness raiding
I grasp tight to nearly nothing
Day slips away, softly rebuffing

Stars glitter to catch my gaze
Night has not yet ceased to faze
Moon comes out to say hello
Light's absence seems to bellow

When I recover, gasping, from the shock
A new ebon beauty, a gentle knock
It captures wholly my imagination
Encompassing all observation

So I say, with a wondering voice
We are all the great night's toys
Speaking praises, flattery to the Night
But put away as a dull sight.