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    my rhymes are deeper than a single person
    I'm packin' all the consciousness in the universe in these verses
    convergin' on a serpent, but assuredly I'm worse than
    cause when I come in your garden I'm plantin' seeds of perversion

    I'm so bright, I'm lookin' dark cause' I'm past your range of perception
    on the electromagnetic emission spectrum
    so if you think I'm evil, just realize I am a weapon
    I can be used for good or ill, but right now I lack direction
    like incoherent waveforms, only focused on aggression,
    hopeless, my depression
    changed my motives essenceĀ 
    I'm no longer bestowin' lessons
    I've chosen less of a hopeless venture, I just show my presence
    to be an open menace
    in open rebellion to this whole pathetic

    I had insight I wanted to incite
    and bright-en your mind's dim light
    put some knowledge in your dendrites
    that got me sent right
    to the bottom of the leaderboard, cause the ones who've been right
    have never been liked
    by the masses, who only recite
    the idiotic shit the propaganda deposited in their wind pipes
    logic is lost on them and I'm positive I was wrong to give a wee pinch of shite

    humanity is doomed
    so let profanity resume
    let the planet be consumed
    by all the rancid greed of Jews
    I don't give a flying fuck man, give me some shrooms
    I'll embrace my evil nature and just jam a freakin' huge
    dick up in my anus that I haven't even lubed
    cause' I just really give a fuck what anyone thinks or assumes

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    Open menace? xD You are hiding on your Sparrow account.

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