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Year 2019.....3500 years since the MOSES meets his GOD hoax....RESULT ?   

The JEWS are cut off from their neighbors by a WALL !  and they are in 24/7 alert because their neighbors want them
completely EXTERMINATED and their swatch of land (ISRAEL) given to them by AMERICA to be returned to the ARABS !  

So after 3,500 years...the GOD of MOSES...IS NOT...AVAILABLE to help his CHOSEN ONES like he was during MOSES time ?    
and every day the HAREDI ORTHODOX JEWS stand at a WALL praying and waiting .....for his return to save them ?   

it would be reasonable to say...the JEWS are living in FEAR - INTIMIDATION - VIOLENCE...just like their OLD TESTAMENT...

The CHRISTIANS ? ....oh, YES the JEWS really love this spin on "GOD" born from an illiterate Jewish tribe girl ! this self proclaimed
MESSIAH was immediately discredited by his JEWISH TRIBE ! and they conspired with ROME to have him EXECUTED in
GRAND SPECTACLE...for which ROME gladly complied !   ..

What is TRULY amazing is that in JESUS time Roman Emperor TIBERIUS was assassinated by his relative CALIGULA !
who became EMPEROR and went on a TIRADE of SEX...ORGIES...VIOLENCE..and all things EVIL !   where was JESUS
to save poor CALIGULA ?   ......oh, JESUS was preaching to the illiterates and impoverished ....but when he played the
GOD that talked to MOSES he was all over those EGYPTIANS with all manner of TERRORIZING them to let his JEWISH
people GO !    HOLY HORSE DUMP ! this garbage really takes the PRIZE for absurd storytelling !   

POOR JESUS !  the baby turned young man who by his early 30's was preaching and proclaiming himself
CREATOR of BILLIONS of GALAXIES and TRILLIONS of worlds and spectacular anomalies in the endless UNIVERSE...

....Uh, ....was having a really tough time convincing his own human creation HE WAS THEIR GOD !   how sad...no...more 

What a DISGRACE this jackass boy wonder clown was...even worse was the spin his parasite VAMPIRE followers came up
with after the BOY WONDER JOKE was BEATEN, WHIPPED, and NAILED to a CROSS to ROT !  and after he died ? 
(how does the CREATOR of the infinite UNIVERSE DIE ? ) holy CRAP ! this Comic Book trash is truly outrageous !   
and people actually fall for this GARBAGE !   

Worse they MURDER - TORTURE ENSLAVE - EXPLOIT in his name !   .....WHAT an AMAZING CON GAME !   

Everyone is a Born Sinning JACKASS that  needs to SUFFER !    and since his departure 2000 years ago....NOTHING...NADA...ZERO...just alot of Parasite VAMPIRES who PLAY GOD in his name and truly wreak.... HAVOC and HELL on EARTH...

an Finally the TRIO of Middle East GOD hoaxes is completed with the invention of ALLAH....by truly PISSED OFF ARABS who were NEVER
going to fall for the JEW GOD or the JESUS GOD hoax ! ....so 600 years after the JEWS had their fake MESSIAH wonder boy hoax MURDERED
by ROME.....and the Roman Catholic Parasite VAMPIRES were on a rampage of ASSIMILATION using FEAR -INTIMIDATION - VIOLENCE...
(just like their boy JESUS would do !) the ARABS came up with their MOHAMMAD meets his GOD hoax and spins it into ISLAM !   VOILA !

The Middle East 3 stooge GOD hoax is complete !   JEW GOD  vs.   JESUS GOD   vs.  ALLAH GOD  and all of humanity  L O S E S !  ...why ?

Because NO MATTER WHICH GOD a person is HYPNOTIZED and BRAINWASHED to accept and OBEY the insane DOGMA invented and
attached to him....the other 2 GODS are CONDEMNED and their sheeple drone zombie followers must either convert or DIE !   

It's the TRUE meaning of a TRIAD TERRORIST construct....just look at the RESULT since the MOSES meets his GOD hoax 3,500 years ago

Every Culture of the Middle East Region going back 8,000 years has been TRASHED...and their GODS rendered USELESS and FORGOTTEN

BUT STOP !   ever since MOSES....only 3 GODS remain !  EACH at WAR against each other...EACH GOD claims to be the GOD of all GODS!
and those who do not convert, accept, OBEY must be EXTERMINATED !  and that is exactly what has been happening in the region for thousands
of YEARS....unprecedented DEATH and DESTRUCTION using these 3 absurd GOD inventions as SCAPEGOATS to TERRORIZE the planet

SOLUTION ?  YES = very simple....reduce all 3 of these moronic GOD hoaxes to what they TRULY ARE....Glorified Comic Book characters in a
truly PSYCHOTIC trilogy of TERROR and OPPRESSION in their names...do to them as they have done to countless other GODS humans

and the RESULT ?  will be a spectacular rise in INNOVATION...INSPIRATION..and WELL BEING for all humanity, animals, environment and EARTH !

It's TIME for the JEW - JESUS - ALLAH GODS to DIE OFF and be FORGOTTEN...along with all the Comic Book Torah, Bible, Quran garbage VOMIT
humans invented and attached to their 3 stooge GOD hoaxes.....