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all of you are fucking twats
I don't like you, go suck a cock
you flap your tongue at me I'll use a razor blade to cut it off
I use drugs a lot
but my IQ's still above you lot
you're nothin' hot
you're just a crock
of pseudo-sentient bombaclots

bitch one,
I think you should be my first victim
you fucking faggot prick, I'll make you lick cum
off your daughter's tits, son
you let slide all the piece of shit scum
the ones you ban are the innocent ones
since none
of your modding is done
right, I think you should be expunged

Virtuoso you are next because you're just a stupid quack
your metaphysical bullshit is illogical, you jewish rat
I fucking hate you, yes I think it's time you knew this fact
you're a useless sack
of putrid crap
with stupid views, a doofus hack

reminds me of a radical afghan
cause' dissing me is suicide, you faggot I'll tap dance
on your head, until it pops off then dribble it like a basketball, yeah man
then I'll dump your ass in a trash can
the fucking earth is not flat, that's a fat chance
I think you need your brain cat scanned

you sack of bloated shite
you think you're so enlight-ened?
you're a stupid drone recitin'
propaganda from some boner-wipes
they're right wing shills that no one likes
unless they've been so brainwashed that they truly just have no insight

you're the type of guy who sniffs a mans poop-shoot
damn you to
hell, I hope you get a shank ran through you