MURDER in the name of JESUS or ALLAH = ?

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    ........= PSYCHOPATH....Jesus and Allah GOD preachers seek total MIND and LIFE control....

    how many CHRISTIANS are truly OPEN MINDED and accepting of other GODS and SPIRITUALITY ?   ZERO....all must be exterminated or convert

    Yet even among the so called CHRISTIANS there is massive division...DEATH and DESTRUCTION..none can agree on anything...they are at WAR
    among themselves...and where is their JESUS ?   the white Jewish boy GOD that popped out of some illiterate Virgin tribe girl 2000 years ago !

    NOWHERE...and EVERYWHERE says the brainwashed and hypnotized Jesus convert or DIE....

    OK ....convert and accept JESUS...then when YOU encounter some Muslim parasite VAMPIRE....YOU must convert to ALLAH or DIE !

    ALL DIE....convert or DIE...and regardless of which GOD you choose or is forced up your asszz...the other GOD slave drones will KILL YOU
    it's a NO WIN set up for global assimilation and control....

    very clever !   2 sides JESUS or ALLAH...there is no other choice...and regardless YOU MUST DIE for choosing wrongly !

    JESUS and ALLAH are human construct GOD hoaxes...TOOLS for assimilation and SLAVERY...the greatest THREAT to these 2 GOD hoaxes
    is an OPEN MIND and LIFESTYLE HUMAN....they cannot CONTROL an OPEN MIND.....and they will destroy the planet...just look around
    at who is behind all the GLOBAL INSANITY....JESUS and ALLAH hypnotized slave drones....

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    Jesus loves you.
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    Current World  population. ( 2 billion + 2 billion + 1 billion + 1 billion + 1 billion + 300 million ) 
    Without gods ( 7.37 billion )