Jesus and Allah..ZEUS & ODIN spit on you

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    ZEUS and ODIN once proudly honored and reviled have been reduced to Comic Book Mythology and have countless other GODS
    humans have invented and all things humans do when something does not serve them they eliminate it...i.e. THROW IT AWAY...

    No human MURDERS and DESTROYS in the name of ZEUS or so with JESUS and ALLAH...WHY ?   

    How is it possible that for 2000 years since the invention of the WHITE JEW BOY GOD who popped out of some illiterate Jewish VIRGIN tribe girl as
    an infant only to be condemned by his own people as a HOAX and executed by ROME on behalf of the oh so RIGHTEOUS JEWS ?   somehow
    becomes the GOD PUPPET of the most OPPRESSIVE and VIOLENT CULT in human history ?  The Roman Catholic Church !

    The Ancient and powerful ROMAN EMPIRE transitions into a CHURCH EMPIRE with countless slaves and servants who do as ordered for FREE !
    so they don't end up in HELL or condemned by the CHURCH itself and burned alive for HERESY !  what a scam....BRILLIANT !

    SO the greedy arrogant self serving JEWS get a real KICK in the CROTCH when JESUS is raised from the the Romans that MURDERED
    him on behalf of the JEWS themselves !   The JEWS really know how to agitate people to the point where they want to totally EXTERMINATE THEM
    from this planet.....EGYPT....the NAZIS....ISLAM....all wanted total ANNIHILATION of the JEWS ?   still going on today....

    So beyond the JEW idiocy of declaring JESUS a fake MESSIAH and having him MURDERED...JESUS is used as the ultimate TOY scapegoat to
    commit atrocities and gain POWER and CONTROL....and where is JESUS in all of the madness.....ON VACATION....sorry humans, Jesus is not
    available to save your pathetic drop dead OK....he tried and DIED !  so go FCK YOURSELVES....

    Then 600 years later...MUHAMMAD the illiterate ARAB speaks with GOD...(kinda like MOSES did on the mountain) and VOILA !  ALLAH is GOD !
    Screw JESUS he was spun from the JEW TRIBES...we have our own ARAB GOD and all must OBEY or DIE....simple as that..praise ALLAH !  

    REALLY ?    accept JESUS and the ALLAH psychopaths will KILL YOU...= wrong GOD...OK...accept ALLAH..and the JESUS psychopaths will
    condemn and kill YOU....OK idiot ...either way YOU MUST DIE....wrong GOD !   

    NOW THE TRUTH....JESUS and ALLAH are TOOLS....SCAPEGOAT GODS for truly psychotic mind and life murdering PARASITES...everyday
    people SUFFER and are TORTURED / MURDERED over JESUS and ALLAH...not so with ZEUS and ODIN...Marvel has turned them into a 
    goldmine for films...death and destruction are for entertainment on the screen....not real life...NOT SO with JESUS and ALLAH...

    These 2 idiot NO SHOW GODS are used daily and for hundreds of years to incite FEAR - INTIMIDATION - VIOLENCE  both need to be flushed
    down a TOILET and forgotten...let the Middle East exterminate each other over their idiot GOD hoaxes...and they will...

    2019....Jesus was murdered 2000 years ago....and ALLAH came and went about 1400 years ago....NOW is a good time to RID EARTH of these
    last hold out GODS that are used for MURDER and DESTRUCTION....and relegate them to Comic Book Mythology with ZEUS and ODIN...

    Actually well below ZEUS and ODIN...Jesu and Allah are low life dog crap compared to ZEUS and ODIN...both are spun from illiterate waring desert
    tribal lunatics...real SCUM of the EARTH who built NOTHING...INNOVATED NOTHING....just wandering fools that STOLE from others....CLEVER !

    Got to give these Parasite VAMPIRE thieves credit they target the masses of asses...power in numbers....!   and easily ignorant
    and fearful....and this is how JESUS and ALLAH spread like the CANCER DISEASE it truly is....with the masses of dumbed down asses...

    The greatest GIFT to HUMANITY is to RID EARTH of JESUS and ALLAH as anything but Comic Book Mythology gone mad....flush and forget....
    so humanity can THRIVE....not ROT like caged animals in a JESUS or ALLAH concentration camp CHURCH / MOSQUE

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    How the fuck are you not banned?

    Idc if that's a threat, just explain it. Shut up with your hate speech, thanks and bye.
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    Just because atheists and monotheists are bigots doesn't mean those gods are no longer worshipped.
  • WisdomofAges
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    --> @RationalMadman can't handle the TRUTH....nothing have just PROVED beyond any DOUBT that YOU use these man made GOD
    hoaxes as scapegoats for your RAGE and HATRED for the OPEN MINDED HUMAN that is so far above the pettiness of FEAR and VIOLENCE
    as TOOLS for power and control....

    YOU believe NOTHING only your EGO and INSANITY for validation and approval by other lunatic JESUS or ALLAH brainwashed psychopaths...

    The greatest THREAT to HUMANITY and EARTH are the FOOLS like YOU that instantly CONDEMN and incite FEAR / VIOLENCE toward all 
    who do NOT accept your idiotic Jesus / Allah VOMIT.... is the real TEST...YOUR Jesus farce stands before YOU NOW....and looks into the depths of your soul and asks your response
    to WOA perspective ....of MY TEACHING ?   but..but..but you say WOA is ....STOP....your JESUS COMMANDS....for you have learned NOTHING
    and use me as some absurd excuse to condemn others for which you have NO POWER or RIGHT to do....YOU HAVE NO FAITH..just HATRED
    and RAGE against those who do not agree with YOU....YOU are not the LIGHT...but the DARKNESS of HATRED and ENVY....and JESUS vanishes...

    and then ALLAH appears...and totally agrees...YES..the infidel must be OBEDIENCE or DEATH to all who defy my words...?
    OK Fool..go ahead and go on a murderous rampage in the name of ALLAH....many have...sadly more to come ?  who knows...regardless
    more HUMANS have been MURDERED and cultures destroyed by the JESUS and ALLAH God irrefutable FACT....

    Can't handle the TRUTH ?  to bad YOU are hopelessly outnumbered and your JESUS or ALLAH GOD hoaxes are now falling into the abyss of MYTHOLOGY....

    Until JESUS or ALLAH shows up to save their idiotic creation from EXTINCTION by their own hands...HUMANS will have to get rid of the ILLUSION
    and STOP the madness of MURDER and OPPRESSION in their names....simple as that...