Famed Skeptic James Randi Describes His Real-Life Out of Body Experience

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    Out of Body Experience

     Easily confused with sleep paralysis. I have suffered from SP since I was 13 years old. It comes and goes. sometimes it won't  happen for 4-5 years and then I will have it every night for a month. It can be extremely frightening when you are young. In later years one learns to relax and let it happen and it is over in seconds.

    It entails some of what Randi explained, - seeing yourself leaving the body while your body is stiff with paralysis on the bed. You see yourself move to another room screaming for help but nothing comes out of your mouth. You can see yourself touch a family member out of sheer fear and  desperation for help, but the strange thing is that if you can managed to move just your little finger a fraction, the paralysis instantly stops.

    Everyone has this paralysis mechanism. It is believed it stops you acting out your dreams. Only that  sometimes the paralysis kicks too early and  before you are actually fully asleep.