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    Finished my Soul Level 1 playthrough. This is when you use the pyromancer and don't level up the character a single time and beat the game. 

    Had problems with:
    I was trying to go for the pyromancy achievement as in get all pyromancy and was forced to go through BlightTown to get enemy within. That resulted in a lot of deaths committed by the red dogs. I tried to outrun them but couldn't and was forced either deal with them or not have enough time to deal with the 1 time enemy and get the spell.
    Ornstein and Smough were a problem. Mainly due to me forcing the openings instead of waiting for both of them to attack so that I can attack them. 
    Gwyn was awful. For some reason even though in my last playthrough I didn't miss a single parry I somehow couldn't parry Gwyn a single time which resulted in me blocking or rolling out of the attacks. Eventually I did defeat him.

    What I didn't kill:
    Hydra in the Ash Lake

    Currently in my third playthrough in about a month I am trying out a faith build. I am currently at Ornstein and Smough but didn't realize Ornstein had high lighting resistance which meant I needed more damage from my Sunlight Straight Sword. I am currently farming to get enough souls to boost my dexterity so that my casting speed and damage is increased. Last I checked I was doing about I think 111 or 118 in damage.