So You've been a ( Basic : Level #1 " Follower " type theist.) for how long now?

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    A decade. ?

    Unfortunately, I lack the ability to have the ability to believe in gods, but ummmmm,mm
    I can't help but feel, if I believed in God. ( hang on stop ) ' i don't reckon one can believe in God 100% ' but that's another post. 

    I'm starting this post again. 


    Hi guys.

    Hey is Every Godists here " In training "  to become a priest?
    Well Shouldn't you be?

    You all want to be the pope one day right? ,( or the other HI guys in your group ) 
    Shouldn't you be ?

    Do we have any Level #2 or #3 ?

    Imagine an (  Pro Level #7.  4 plus year Cardinal. )  

    Stay with me.
     I've always wanted to be able to make holy water. You know like BAMMMMMMMMMMMMM holy water.  Who hasnt. 
    I was then going to spend my days turning every pocket of water into holy water. 
    I'd be like secretly BAPTIZING everyone and stuff. Imagine turning  Mt Franklin drink into a 600ml sparkling holy water. 

    Anyway, I looked into how to make holy water anddddddddddd it wasn't good.
    I thought it was going to be like. Actually, I don't know what I was thinking.
     Anyway To obtain the ability to bless water one must be an ( Advanced Level #4 one year plus Priest.) My dream to make holy water ended that day. 

     For basic level #1, you guys sure know ya Gods 
    I do sometimes wonder how a level 3 or 4 would answer a question on things from time to time.

    Hey Maybe you haven't the time to " LEVEL UP " ?
    You might like being a #1. 
    All good.

    God loves you all BUTTT one would think he loves a   Level #6  more than a #4 and a #3 more than a #1.
    It's just how he rolls.


    We do the Level system also at the Atheists R US joint .  the Just Level. 
    Even Steven.
    Same same. 
    Crazy right? 
    Well, One group has to have some kind of grounding. 
    Not a problem.

    Good game.
    Good game. 


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    Lay off the drugs. 
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    --> @Deb-8-a-bull
    Unfortunately, I lack the ability to have the ability to believe in....