Toroidal Bacteria Indestructable?

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..."This remarkable ability to mend DNA is a puzzle. Scientists have not been able to explain its origins or identify genes in D. radiodurans that confer superiority in repairing DNA.

Now, a study in today's issue of Science suggests that D. radiodurans survives because its genome is arranged in densely packed rings, called toroids. These donut-like shapes keep shards of DNA in close proximity after a dose of shattering radiation, allowing the microbe to make repairs without having to hunt around for hundreds of loose fragments."....

Who fucking cares
Torus and black holes

...."The nature of the torus in the heavily obscured AGN Markarian 3: an X-ray study

....A breakthrough in our understanding of the physical properties and geometrical configuration of gas and dust in the innermost parsec around accreting supermassive black holes came recently from dust reverberation experiments in the near-infrared (NIR). By measuring the response of hot dust emission to changes in the ionizing continuum, it has been possible to determine the typical size of the innermost boundary of the dusty ‘torus’ in about 20 nearby active galactic nuclei"...

Cetacceans create water tori to play with at sea. Better than any human created tori.