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Post your most offensive memes here.
--> @Mharman
People don't offend.

People decide to be offended.
--> @zedvictor4
That is like blaming someone with PTSD for having the Trauma. No one would choose to feel it.
--> @RationalMadman
Someone with PTSD is someone with PTSD. They do not have someone else's PTSD.

Though I don't think that there is any blame involved. It would just be an observation of the fact.

And I also think that it would be fair to say that PTSD is not a choice but a negative physiological/psychological condition..

Whereas to take offence or not take offence are alternative mental choices, probably relative to an individuals preconditioning.
--> @zedvictor4
You just completely shot yourself in the foot with the closing line, the word 'whereas' was negated by you completely equating it to an involuntary sensation experienced at the wounding of one's joy and/or ego (or the joy and/or ego of someone close to them).

Can you please show me someone who opts-in to feeling offended? Don't bring up a humiliation masochist kink in BDSM, the point is they don't feel offended by what makes almost everyone else feel offended, that's why they get off on it.
--> @RationalMadman
No, my foot is fine.

I think that it is fair to say that some people actually enjoy choosing to take offence. Particularly with issues of trendy political correctness for example.

You would find it extremely difficult, if not impossible to make me take offence. It's just not how I choose to respond.
Yeah not by ME, by someone IRL maybe who actually matters socially to you or someone close to you.
--> @zedvictor4
context of the 'offensive act/speech' is the most important element.
--> @RationalMadman
The speech may well be intended to offend or invoke a particular response, or might just be an a honest personal opinion. But it still remains the choice of the recipient to either take offence or not.
I personally find, that in such situations ignorance is a far more potent response, especially if one is confident in their own knowledge.
What's the difference between a black dad and a boomerang

The boomerang comes back
47 days later
--> @Dr.Franklin
--> @SupaDudz
This might be over the top, but u said offensive so....

--> @SupaDudz

a black preist-holy shit
black jokes-dark humor


God burned them
--> @Dr.Franklin
--> @SupaDudz
Lets hear yours ok bud
--> @Dr.Franklin
What do you call a black girl that takes her tampon out?

Cotton picking

--> @SupaDudz
good one

There is a bike for 50 bucks, a blakc jew wants it,he asks his dad, hey dad am I jewish or Black

Dad: why son

Son: Becuase i wan to know ifn i should bring the price down or steal it

--> @Dr.Franklin
good one but i predicted it
--> @SupaDudz
ok I see but asians dont

Jung unccraf gb n sebt'f pne jura vg oernxf qbja?

Vg trgf gbnq njnl.

ROT-13 Encryption

Actual offensive meme

--> @A-R-O-S-E
That meme itself isn't offencsive, but where the image in it comes from is and is hilarious!, seriously one of the first viral videos i liked.

What do you get when you cross a black dad and a black mom?
--> @AvoidDeath
What do black people and tornadoes have in common?

It only takes one to ruin a good neighborhood.
--> @bmdrocks21
I've heard that a lot.