Atheists explain death and afterlife?

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What is death and what do you do when you die?, God has provided an answer but not atheists, so answer it already
--> @Dr.Franklin
Death is the irrepairable breakdown of the human machine.   It is my belief that consciousness is the result of the operation of a working brain, much as an electric current is the product of a working dynamo.   When a dynamo wears out it no longer produces electricity - when a brain dies it no longer produces consciousness.

Being dead is quite like not being born yet.

I hope to be able to demostrate how the brain produces consciousness one day to prove that!  In the meantime, I have to stress 'it is my belief'! 

--> @keithprosser
Being dead is quite like not being born yet.
Do you feel pain when you are dead, you do when your a fetus, define consciousness, also how does a brain die?

--> @Dr.Franklin
Perhaps I should have said 'conceived' rather than born. 
--> @keithprosser
But you don't have DNA when your conceived yet, you still do when you die, see the contradictions, that's what I'm trying to point out!
--> @Dr.Franklin
What was the last thing DNA said to you?
--> @Dr.Franklin
You don't have DNA when you die. There is no contradiction

--> @Dr.Franklin
To explain death you must first explain life.

And why is this only relative to atheists?

And after life is decay and eventual reduction to component parts.

Why should it be any more than that?  Perhaps you just need to assuage your fear of non-existence.

--> @Dr.Franklin
We have good reason to believe death is when 'you' stops being and there is no afterlife.
Oh look!, the atheists came
--> @disgusted @dustryder

Genes are locked away in the DNA present in our cells and when these are switched on, a tell-tale molecule called an RNA transcript is made.
Some of the RNA directly controls processes that go on in the cell, but most of the RNA becomes the blueprint for proteins.
It's the RNA transcripts that scientists often measure when they want to know what's going on in our cells, and we call this analysis transcriptomics.
Inner workings
But obtaining samples for study isn't an easy thing.
Blood is relatively easy to get, but lopping off an arm or sticking a needle into a living person's heart or liver is no trivial undertaking.
So, scientists rely on a relatively abundant source of samples - tissues and organs removed after death.
Whilst studies of post-mortem samples can provide important insights into the body's inner workings, it isn't clear if these samples truly represent what goes on during life.
The other confounding factor is that samples are rarely taken immediately after death, instead a body is stored until post-mortem examination and sampling can take place and its impact is unclear.
And it's this reliance on stored post-mortem samples that concerned Prof Roderic Guigó, a computational biologist based at the Barcelona Institute for Science and Technology and his team.
"You would expect that with the death of the individual, there would be a decay in the activity of the genes," he explained.
And this decay might affect proper interpretation of transcriptomics data.
Post-death throes
To see if this was the case the team used next generation mRNA sequencing on post-mortem specimens collected within 24 hours of death and on a subset of blood samples collected from some of the patients before death and, as Prof Guigó explained, what they discovered was surprising:
"There is a reaction by the cells to the death of the individual. We see some pathways, some genes, that are activated and this means that sometime after death there is still some activity at the level of transcription," he said.
Although the exact reason the genes remained active was unclear, Prof Guigó does have one possible explanation: "I would guess that one of the major changes is due to the cessation of flow of blood, therefore I would say probably the main environmental change is hypoxia, the lack of oxygen, but I don't have the proof for this."
What the study did provide was a set of predictions of post-death RNA level changes for a variety of commonly studied tissues against which future transcriptomic analyses could be calibrated.
And the understanding of the changes in RNA levels that occur after death might also be pivotal in future criminal investigations.
"We conclude there is a signature or a fingerprint in the pattern of gene expression after death that could eventually be used in forensic science, but we don't pretend we have now a method that can be used in the field," said Prof Guigó.
Whilst the data was consistent across different cadavers, and accurate predictions of time since death could be estimated from the RNA levels, Prof Guigó explained that extra work would be needed before its application in forensics could become a reality:
"It requires further investigation, longer post-mortem intervals, not only 24 hours, the age of the individual, the cause of death - all of these will need to be taken into account if we are to convert this into a useful tool."

--> @zedvictor4
Because when you die, where do you go, what happens, God provides an answer but not atheists, what happenes, your decay is nothing, like what, conscionscess?
--> @SkepticalOne
What is stops being?
--> @Dr.Franklin
What is stops being?

Ceases to be; no longer exists; kaput
--> @SkepticalOne
Ceases to be; no longer exists; kaput
Define no longer existing, God has provided an answer but not atheists

--> @Dr.Franklin
Think before conception. Now think about it after death. Non-existent.

--> @Dr.Franklin
Define no longer existing, God has provided an answer but not atheists
You're asking for a definition to be defined? It's not that complicated, bud. You (your body and mind) is alive or it isn't. When your body dies so does your mind. For the dead, there is no life.

--> @Dr.Franklin
You are alive because of a biological reaction. When you die that biological reaction ceases.
--> @Dr.Franklin
That article is fake science, perpetuated by satan worshipping pseudo-scientists and funded by big corporations. You profess to be religious, but your reliance on such heretical material clearly indicates you are nothing more than an atheist under a thin veneer of insincere piety. I will pray for your soul
--> @Dr.Franklin

Dr. "C&P" Franklin,

YOUR QUOTE: "What is death and what do you do when you die?, God has provided an answer but not atheists, so answer it already"

Ohhhhh, how wonderful Heaven will be upon the TRUE Christian's demise!  Just think, for eternity, we will be able to walk around our 1400 square mile Heaven with its 60 foot high walls, with Jesus, walking and talking, all the while talking to Jesus as we continually walk and talk with Him and others, like Adolph Hitler, Charles Manson, the serial killers Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, et al., and other killers because they too were Christians.  

I can't wait to be able to talk to Jesus about Him not performing His 2nd coming, and why it is taking so long since His inspired words stated specifically within the scriptures, that it was to be within the generation of the time He was on earth. Whoops, oh well.

I also want to ask Jesus about what swords He will be using upon His return, to cut nonbelievers in half, along with His all loving and forgiving army of 200 million angels that will help our Jesus with the  brutal killings of unbelievers.  Furthermore, as the Bible so states, our Jesus will conduct plagues and will also bring beasts to help Him murder the non Christians.

Dr. "C&P" Franklin, unfortunately you will not inhabit Jesus' Heaven because you are a FAKE Christian, as I and others have shown in this forum, but we TRUE Christians will wave at you when you are swimming in the sulfur lakes of Hell upon your death, you can count on that, okay?

Oh, and as the Bible promotes, being that women are second class citizens as Christians, when their end comes, they will turn into men as they are heaven bound, therefore, there will be NO WOMEN in Heaven, praise Jesus Christ!!!



They stiked again!
--> @BrotherDThomas
1.Hitler doesn't go to heaven,he hated the Pope, mass murderues don't go to heaven ,where you get that is beyond me. 
2.So you admit your an atheist,LOL

Oh, and as the Bible promotes, being that women are second class citizens as Christians, when their end comes, they will turn into men as they are heaven bound, therefore, there will be NO WOMEN in Heaven, praise Jesus Christ!!!
Why are there Women saints,dumbass
--> @BrotherDThomas
Why are the angels women
He won't, because in your view, heaven doesn't exist

--> @BrotherDThomas