The us goverment has Labled Conspiracy theorist terorist

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    I put this in politics because the left wing party has made it one.

    the FBI has labeled Conspiracy theorist as domestic terrorist. Title of this article

    A couple years ago i did not know one person who knew about the illuminati. But the mainstream media turned it into some kind of trigger word so people would ignore stuff like that. for example taco bell had a commercial making fun of the Illuminati. even though it is a very real thing. There symbol is on are dollar for Pete sake.

    They also censored Jesse vontero conspiracy episode on Fema camps on the channel true tv. Because of government harassment

    Almost all the fema camp video has been taken down on YouTube. I tried to show my friends one of them but by the time i got them to see it the video had been removed

    Alex Jone was completely de platformed in order to silence him.

    The left got hypercritical with there Russian hoax conspiracy theory. But that is what it is a hoax.

    What is with all the censorship. It does not prove it not to be true


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    Who is "the left"?